Urodynamic Testing, Does it Hurt?
What to Expect
My Personal Experience

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Pain Level During & After Urodynamic Test

Today I had a urodynamic testing to rule out issues before having surgery. For those of you who are preparing for this test you likely have read dozens of articles from professionals - but how about from someone who actually experienced this test? Like me?

I did the same - read articles, thought I was prepared & frankly, they weren't accurate. What I read is nothing as I experienced earlier this afternoon.

So does a urodynamic test hurt? I read that it did not. I read that is was not painful. And another article that said it was painless. Another said there was a tiny bit of discomfort.

Personally speaking - heck yeah it hurt! And it still hurts hours later when I pee. When the catheter was inserted [twice...and it's always twice] that hurt. But not as much as when the techs began moving it around and arranging all the equipment necessary for the test.

Step by Step Process of Urodynamic Testing, Personal Experience

1. I arrived at the test site - paid for the test [the part my Medicare Part B insurance didn't cover which was a tab over two-hundred dollars] [try to tell someone living on social security that-that's not painful!], took a seat and waited.

2. When I was called back for the test the tech took me into a large room that had a bathroom to one side. I was told to strip off everything except my bra. They instructed me to put on that familiar little gown with the gaping hole in the rear along with some footsies that were actually difficult to put on my feet - because it took me a bit to see how they opened up for the feet.

3. I went back out into the little room and I suddenly see something that I missed on the way into the room - a potty chair that had a hole in the seat with a large funnel [plastic] [hard plastic] that went into a Godzilla-sized bottle. I was told to sit & pee. The two techs by the way were excellent and quite nice as well as respectful of privacy. They offered to leave the room but oh wait - it was too late for that....

4. I was instructed to get onto a padded table - like the ones at my doctor's office. And here is when the fun began....

5. A small catheter was inserted into my urethra [ouch] where any liquid remaining in my bladder was drained.

6. A second catheter was then inserted into the quaking urethra, then one into my rectum [felt really creepy and uncomfortable]. The techs then taped the tubes to keep everything in place during the urodynamic test.

7. I was instructed to lie flat on the table. There was a comfy pillow for my head which I appreciated. The techs set the table in motion - upwards, towards the ceiling. I told them that I felt like Frankenstein. Once they stopped, they pushed more buttons and I was moved into a 'standing' position, my feet placed on two stationary platforms [about the size of very, very large feet].

8. My dear little doctor entered the room. A doctor so smart, so good at what she does that I trust her with my life.

9. The test begins. Water is slowly drained through a tube connected to the catheter into my bladder. I didn't expect for it to feel cold - but it did. That did not hurt but that feeling in my rectum didn't feel so hot at the moment, and especially not the catheter.

10. I was told to cough, to bear down and when I felt like I needed to get to the bathroom, the test was stopped. Not because of this - but this is how the procedure goes. My doctor left the room to do a data analysis.

11. The techs instructed me to go to the little odd potty in the room and pee again. I was able to produce everything they put into my bladder....sort of like a dairy cow giving milk. It was a bit difficult to get the stream started and when it did - it hurt. Note that I was still hooked up to everything.

12. Now comes more fun stuff. Everything the techs put in me had to come out and frankly, it was more than uncomfortable. It certainly wasn't painless. I'll post my next comments on this number because I am leery to start #13 as I've had enough bad luck for the day. So....I was told to return to the bath, clean up, then dress and after that - I was led to an exam room where my doctor would meet with me to discuss the results.

My Urodynamic Testing Results

My doctor said there were 'no leaks' so that was good. But unfortunately, my bladder was only capable of letting them fill me with only one-half the fluid that it would hold.

In other words....the tank was either half-empty or half-full.....much like my brain.

Pain After Urodynamic Testing

Several hours later it still hurts to pee - but that should pass by tomorrow.

So...if you are on the fence about having the test, the embarrassment of the procedure was more stressful for me than the test-itself. Thankfully, I got two very bright girls who make me feel at ease. I suppose it is true - when you've seen one 'whatever', you've seen them all?

In Summary

Urodynamic testing is a vital procedure which can narrow down numerous urinary tract issues. Any pain associated with the test was balanced with the results achieved from the test.

However....don't let anyone tell you that it's a painless test.....


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