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How to Get Positive Weight Loss Results, Substituting 'But' for 'And'

Article by Diet Bites


Changing Our Weight Loss Perceptions Using a Smarter Approach

The way that we think about losing weight has a huge impact on the results we're striving to achieve. When we dread doing something - and most of us do dread going on a diet - we're less likely to experience positive results, or at minimum, the results will be slow to appear.

By substituting one little word with another - we can change how we think about losing the fat - and we're much more likely to experience the results that we're pining for - and we may also see quicker results.

Substituting 'But' for 'And' for Increased Weight Loss Results

Let's look at dieter Penny as our example. She has been recommended to lose weight by her doctor. After meeting with a nutritionist she learned that one of the culprits in her daily diet was soda pop. Another, chocolate. And yet another, too many snacks.

If Penny thinks in a negative manner, her thoughts might be: "I know that I need to avoid soda pop to lose weight, but it's going to be so difficult that I'm not going to be able to do that."

If she substitutes the word 'but' for 'and', let's see how that can change her negative thoughts to positive thoughts. "I know that I need to avoid soda pop, and that will help me lose the excess weight and my body will also be less acidic and I'll feel better when the weight starts melting away and my dentist will also be happy." As a note, carbonated water is highly acidic to the body. In addition, it erodes tooth enamel.

What about Penny's chocolate dilemma?

She thinks, "I can't have chocolate, but I want it now more than I did before they told me that I couldn't have it."

She can turn that around to a positive with, "I can't have milk chocolate or white chocolate, and I'm okay with that because I can have a serving of dark chocolate occasionally." As a note, dark chocolate offers heart-healthy benefits.

What about the overage of snacks?

Penny thinks, "I am going to miss not being able to graze during the day, but will that really help me lose weight?"

More positive twist would be, "I'm sure I'll miss my snacks and I'm also sure that I won't miss those pounds that I'm going to lose by cutting back on daily calories in those snacks."


Switching 'But' for 'And' Works in Other Conversations, Too

This is a great method for offering your opinion on a particular subject - and successfully getting your point across without creating an immediate wall of defense from the person you are conversing with - whether they are your spouse, partner, friend, family member or co-worker.

When we think in more positive terms, our life is more-likely to be enjoyed in a positive light. And when we speak in more positive terms, the people that we're talking to are also more likely to view us in a positive light and be more open to our input.

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