Diabetes: Overweight & Struggling to Lose, Part 2

Part 1: Overweight & Diabetes

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Limiting Sugar in the Daily Diet for Weight Loss Results

Because sugar is filled with empty calories - and contains close to 800 kcals per cup, it's best when limited in the daily eating plan. Where diabetes are concerned, it becomes a central issue in attaining good health.

Simply put, once foods and beverages enter the human body, they convert rapidly to 'sugar'. Where sugar-rich foods and drinks are involved, they convert much more quickly - and this can pose significant issues for the diabetic whose pancreas has difficultly in processing energy. It suddenly becomes overloaded - overwhelmed in dealing with the excess.

In turn, this can effect weight as well as state of health. And when excess sugar is not dealt with effectively in the body, it can place it in a state of compromise.

While high blood sugar readings present significant risks - such as high risk of stroke, coma, heart attack, kidney shut-down and death, low blood sugar readings are horrifically damaging to the heart. As a note, my father died from complications of diabetes; one of his doctors told him that low readings were more damaging than the high readings. He warned him extensively about getting too low.

Almost all foods - even natural sources contain some degree of sugar content. For example, one cup of asparagus in its raw state contains 2.53 grams of sugar. It certainly doesn't taste sweet, but without that hidden layer of flavor, the taste would be greatly impacted. This is one reason why restaurants use sugar as well as sodium as flavor enhancers.

For the diabetic, cutting sugar intake is a must in order to regulate readings. However, if we look at the general population of those having diabetes, we find that most were overweight when they were diagnosed with this disease - and remain such, even after having the disease for several years.

Due to the pills and potions which assist in regulating blood sugar - they continue overeating, relying on modern day medicine to control their condition. This is much like individuals suffering from high cholesterol readings. Rather than change their dietary habits and embracing exercise, they continue to take a 'magic' pill to control their condition.


It's vital that the diagnosed diabetic take their condition seriously.

While pills and insulin dosage can assist in controlling the disease, these merely mask the underlying condition.

Blood sugar goes up, down - is never truly regulated. Added to this is the fact that foods which are excessive in sugar content tend to also be rich in fatty acid content, which in turn impact heart-health.

Weight Loss Tips to Assist

1. By trimming foods and drinks that are excessive in sugar and fat content, weight will naturally drop to recommended levels when daily caloric needs are not exceeded.

2. Try to keep in mind that high calorie foods are naturally rich in either sugar, fat OR a combination of both.

3. Getting off just a few pounds can impact your health in a very positive manner. Blood sugar readings can decrease along with cholesterol readings - as well as blood pressure. All of these impact the health state of your heart.

4. Meet with your doctor to see which fruits are best for your eating plan. Some are richer in sugar content than others. Fresh fruits supply a natural release of sugar which are easier for the body to process than the refined white stuff. Let's look at a few fruits to see which are highest and lowest in sugar gram content. Note that the dried varieties are richest in content. The frozen fruit that has added sweetener refers to peaches, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.





Dates, Deglet Noor Variety, 1 cup


Pumpkin, 1 cup cooked


Raisins, dark or golden, 1 cup


Apricot, 1 raw


Prunes [dried plums], 1 cup


Plum, 1 raw


Frozen Sweetened Fruits, all types per cup

55 - 75

Pineapple, juice packed, 1 ring


Apricots, packed in heavy syrup, per cup


Kiwi Fruit, green, 1 medium raw


Mango, 1 raw


Blackberries, 1 cup raw


Plantain, 1 medium


Strawberries, 1 cup raw


Seedless Grapes, red, green or purple per cup


Peach, 1 medium raw


Papaya, 1 raw


Grapefruit, pink, red, 1/2 raw grapefruit


Asian Pear, 1 medium raw


Cherries, Sweet Raw, 10 cherries


Let's continue to our next section: Why Low Carb Diets Impact Diabetics




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