Muscle Chart & Diagram of the Human Body

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Muscular System Chart of the Human Body With Muscles Labeled

The human body is a smooth highway of muscles which serve to add strength, endurance and protection. Our Muscle Chart & Diagram below lists the scientific name for each. First, we have the identifying proper names for each muscle. Below the identifying names is the diagram.

To you our Muscle Chart, match the corresponding number on the Muscle Diagram with the one listed in the Muscle Chart.

Diet Bites Muscle Chart, Identifying Names

Head & Neck Muscles

1. Frontalis
2. Occipitalis
3. Temporal
4. Orbicularis Oculi
5. Zygomatics
6. Zygomatic Head of the Quadratus Labii Superioris, or Zygomaticus Minor
7. Angular Head of the Quadratus Labii Superioris
8. Nasalis
9. Orbicularis Oris
10. Triangularis Menti
11. Quadratus Labii Inferioris
12. Mentalis
13. Masseter
14. Buccinator
15. Auricularis Anterior
16. Auricularis Superior
17. Auricularis Posterior
a. Parotid Gland
18. Mylohyoid
19. Digastric
20. Platysma OR Platysma Myoides
21. Sternocleidomastoid
22. Omohyoid
23. Sternohyoid
24. Trapezius
25. Splenius Capitis
26. Splenius Cervicis
27. Levator Scapulae
28. Supraspinatus

Trunk Muscles

29. Pectoralis Major
30. Deltoid
31. Latissimus Dorsi
32. Serratus Anterior
33. External Oblique
34. Rectus Abdominis
35. Umbilicus
36. Abdominal Aponeurosis
37. Linea Alba
38. Subclavius
39. Pectoralis Minor
40. Serratus Posterior Superior
41. Internal Oblique
42. Infraspinatus
43. Teres Minor
44. Teres Major
45. Rhomboideus Major
46. Rhomboideus Minor
b. Scapula
c. 9th Rib
d. 10th Rib
e. 11th Rib
f. 12th Rib
47. Serratus Posterior Inferior
48. Lumbodorsal Fascia
49. Sacrospinalis

Upper Extremity Muscles

50. BIcept Brachii
51. Triceps Brachii
52. Branchialis
53. Lacertus Fibrosus
54. Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus
55. Brachiorodialis
56. Flexor Capi Radialis
57. Palmaris Longus
58. Flexor Digitorum Sublimis
59. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
60. Palmaris Brevis
61. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
62. Flexor Pollicis Longus
63. Pronator Quadratus
64. Flexor Pollicis Brevis
65. Palmaris Longus
66. First Dorsal Interosseus
67. First Lumbricalis
68. Fibrous SHeaths of the Tendons
69. Adductor of the Little Finger
70. Annular LIgament of the Carpus
g. Head of the Humerus
71. Extensor Digitorum Communis
72. Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
73. Extensor Pollicis Longus
h. Medial Epicondyle of Humerus
i. Lower End of Radius
j. Lower End of Ulna
74. Tendons of the Extensors
75. Adductor Pollicis
76. Tendons of the Extensors
77. Pronator Teres
78. Palmar Aponeurosis


Lower Extremity Muscles

k. Anterior Superior Spine of Ilium
79. Iliacus
80. Gluteus Medius
81. Tensor Fasciae Latac
82. Rectus Femoris
83. Psoas Major
84. Pectineus
85. Sartorius
86. Adductor Longus
87. Adductor Mangus
88. Gracilis
89. Vastus Lateralis
90. Vastus Medialis
91. Gluteus Minimus
92. Superior Extremity of Rectus Femoris
93. Inferior Extremity of Rectus Femoris
m. Head of Femur
94. Inferior Extremities of Psoas & Iliacus
95. Adductor Brevis
n. Patella
o. Head of Fibula
p. Medial Condyle of Femur
r. Tuberosity of Tibia
96. Tibialis Anterior
97. Gastrocnemius, Medial Head
98. Soleus
99. Extensor Digitorum Longus
100. Peroneus Longus
101. Peroneus Brevis
102. Flexor Digitorum Longus
103. Extensor Hallucis Longus
104. Ligamentum Cruciatum Crusis
105. Extensor Digitorum Brevis
106. Abductor Hallucis
s. Ilium
t. Greater Trochanter
107. Gleteus Maximus
108. Biceps Femoris
109. Semitendinous
110. Semimembranosus
111. Plantaris
112. Gastrocnemius, Lateral Head
113. Flexor Digitorum Longus
114. Peroneus Tertius
115. Tendon of Tibialis Posterior
116. Achilles Tendon
117. Pyriformis
118. Gemellus Superior & Femellus Inferior
119. Obturator Interous
120. Quadatus Femoris



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Muscle Diagram of Human Body

Muscle Chart, Diagram

Muscles Weigh More Than Body Fat


Weight lifters appear much thinner than they actually weigh. Even individuals who aren't weight lifters - yet who have an exercise routine to build muscles will weigh more while looking thinner.

That's because muscle mass weighs heavier than fat mass. And a body containing more muscle mass is generally a much healthier body.

Protein Builds Muscles

Protein rich foods assist in building muscles - and can be found in a variety of healthy foods.

Best food sources include: lean meats, beans, eggs, fish & seafood and cheese.

But do keep in mind that a healthy body depends upon many other essential vitamins and nutrients - not just protein.

Protein-rich diets can also be harmful to certain individuals, such as heart patients and diabetics. Before taking on a daily diet rich in protein, you should always discuss the plan with your doctor before proceeding.

Exercise Builds Muscle

Working your muscles will make them stronger while assisting the body in ridding harmful toxins. You don't have to lift weights or engage in high-endurance, high-stress activity to become stronger. Even a pleasant walk or hike each day goes a long way in making your body healthier, and stronger.


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