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How to Lose 10 Pounds

Article by Diet Bites


When Calories Do Not Rule Body Weight

Do you need to lose 10 pounds? Some would argue that almost everyone wants to lose that amount of weight - even when they are at a good recommended weight. Sure, thin is in - and as history tells us, it has been for most of the time since the beginning of life.

On that note, this article will provide tips for losing those ten pounds - and how to accomplish such, safely. Let's start with the main contributing factor where body weight is concerned - calories.

Time and time again we've written articles about caloric intake and how the balance of energy-in/energy-out regulates body weight. However, there are always exceptions to the rules.

In these situations, the following applies, "A calorie is not always a calorie". Types of energy sources indeed matter and will influence those numbers on the bathroom scales. Let's dig a bit deeper to see how the types of foods that you eat will impact your weight.

Types of Calories Consumed

Dieter Penny is trying to lose 10 pounds. Let's look at her menus for two different days. She is on a 1500 calorie diet plan. Day one contains simple carbohydrates and is generous in such. It is also quite low in fatty acid content.

On the other hand, day two contains a minimal amount of the healthier fats as well as complex carbohydrates and an ample amount of proteins.

Beverages listed are for meal time only and Penny will be very good about drinking her required amount of liquids throughout her day. Her best choice? Water. However, for day one - she will opt to drink diet soda.

Day 1, High Carbohydrate, Low Fiber, Low Fat Diet Plan: 1500 kcals

Beverages Throughout Day: diet soda

Breakfast: 1 blueberry bagel topped with zero fat cream cheese, 1 cup of zero fat milk. 400 kcals

Morning Snack: serving of baked low fat crackers for 100 kcals

Lunch: 1 cheese sandwich on white potato bread with added lettuce leaves, baked potato chips, one small muffin for dessert and a zero calorie soda as her beverage. 600 kcals

Afternoon Snack: 2 caramel popcorn cakes, 100 kcals

Dinner: frozen cheese pizza - one recommended serving of the low fat variety along with a diet soda. 300 kcals


Day 1 Dieting Notes

Let's discuss the positives first. Penny put the bulk of her daily calories before her last meal of the day which was wise as it's more difficult to burn energy as the day is winding down. The metabolic naturally levels off to a slower rhythm - just as you do at day's end.

Another positive is the inclusion on grains in her day, such as with the popcorn cakes.

Now for the negatives. Let's take a look at the Basic Five Food Groups and we'll put the minimum requirements in parentheses: Grains [6], Fruits [3], Vegetables [3], Proteins [2], Dairy [2]. Did Penny do well in inputting all of these groups into her day?  Of course she missed the target in this area. The day contains a couple of lettuce leaves as a vegetable group food - but not quite enough to count towards a serving size. She more than met the grain recommendations as well as the dairy given the cheese on the pizza, the sandwich and the cottage cheese for lunch.

As to protein, the cottage cheese contains hints of such - but is not qualified as an animal or vegetable protein source in a large way. This day's menu was greatly lacking in protein sources - which is a huge point when dieting [or not] because it can assist in quelling appetite as well as in supporting muscle health. Keep in mind, our heart is one big muscle. Continue, Part 2 | Carbohydrates: Weight Loss | Carbohydrates: Weight Gain


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