Is Food Killing You?

Eating Your Way to an Early Grave

Are you digging the path to your grave with your mouth because of overeating? The numbers which depict the leading causes of death in America reveal that many individuals are doing exactly that.

Are you much-like the alcoholic who believes that the next drink offers delight, satisfaction and happiness - but who ignores the appearance and deterioration of their liver and other negative issues going on inside their body?

While they may believe that alcohol is their friend - if they could see the damage - the toll that it's taking on their body, that might be an eye-opener for many addicts.

Even food addicts.

Because the body is buttoned-up in skin, we require special imagery to view the internal workings of the body. And frankly, most individuals who have an addiction problem choose to ignore the damage it could be causing to their body. The situation is much like a credit card which is used as if it's 'free money'. It's only when the bill arrives that realization sets in - that our spending spree must be paid for.

Most of us are riddled with the dangerous side-effects of excess fat on our body. We know that the excess fat impacts our blood pressure as well as our cholesterol in a negative manner. These are the two most common tests performed amid visits to our doctor. But it's not just blood pressure and cholesterol which are negatively involved - yet doctors rarely address the other serious impacts of weight gain. Let's discuss health issues caused directly by excess weight gain which doctors rarely discuss with their patients.

The Body Frame [Skeletal System] Damage Caused by Gaining Excess Weight

If you've put on excess pounds, aches and pains in your knees, legs, neck and back may slowly be creeping into your life. Often they are misinterpreted as a sign of the ageing body rather than the true cause - weight gain.

Like the frame of a home, when excess weight is added it can only support so much excess. At some point it will show signs of stress from the excess weight - and then it will begin to bend, and may eventually collapse.

Muscle & Heart Damage Caused by Excess Weight Gain

Because individuals who gain weight are often less active than individuals at their recommended healthy body weight, the muscular system also feels the toll of negative health effects. Muscles weaken. Strength decreases. Bone health then decreases because muscle health supports bone health. And then we have the impact on the largest muscle in the body. The heart. It too, weakens with excess weight gain.

Vital Organ Damage Due to Obesity & Overweight Conditions

Kidneys, lungs, pancreas, liver, intestines, gallbladder, spleen, brain - all of the vital organs which work to keep the body healthy become layered and at times, crushed in globs of fat. It becomes more difficult to breathe - particularly at night as the body goes into a flattened position for sleep. All of the vital organs are overworked due to excess food being continually poked into the body. It becomes much more difficult for the body to maintain cell health by ridding harmful toxins because there is so many tasks to manage. While the body excels at multi-tasking, it too has a limit - a breaking point.

Other Notable Health Issues Related Directly to Excess Pounds

Gas issues, heartburn, acid reflux, imbalances of the body's pH levels, swelling and bloating - which create even more pressure and stress on the vital organs. In addition, excess body fat impacts appearance as well as self-confidence and self-worth.

In Summary

Only you have the ability to change your situation - to lose weight and get to a healthier state. It's up to you to decide just how much excess eating means to you. Is it more important than the health of your body? Yes, it's that simple. When I was over 100 pounds overweight some two decades ago, I had to decide if what I was doing to my body at that time was worth the enjoyment that I was getting by overeating. At that time, eating an excess of food was killing me. I had to decide if I wanted that cookie, that third or fourth slice of pizza, that second or third helping at dinner time, that package of fries, or those 2-3 slices of pie or cake MORE than I wanted to live. I chose to live. I hope you will too.

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