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Fast Food Salt Content

Article by Diet Bites


Salt Milligrams [mg] in Fast Food Menu Selections

Jack in the Box

The elephant in the room where Jack in the Box's 'Healthy Dining' selections are concerned is salt.

This is a great example for showing that just because a menu selection indicates it is healthy - doesn't mean that it is true. In addition, just because an item is low in caloric values doesn't mean that it is a healthy choice.

All of the following selections can be found on the Healthy Dining menu at Jack in the Box.

Grilled Chicken Strips with Teriyaki Dipping Sauce: 1600 mg
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - 1470 mg
Chicken Fajita Pita made with whole grain [no salsa] - 870 mg

If we look at the burgers featured on the regular menu, the amount of sodium increases significantly:

Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger - 2190 mg
Sirloin Cheeseburger With Bacon - 2400 mg
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club - 2010 mg

Burger King

Whopper With Cheese - 1270 mg
Texas Double Whopper - 1770 mg
Homestyle Chicken Strips [5, without dressing or dipping sauce] - 2340 mg
Ultimate Breakfast Platter - 2920 mg



Angus Bacon & Cheese - 2110 mg
Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, Regular Biscuit - 2150 mg
Big Mac - 970 mg
Quarter Pounder With Cheese - 1100 mg

Subway Restaurant

Some sandwiches contain quite a lot of salt content, although they reside on the reduced fat menu. A few examples:

Club Salad -  780 mg
6" Club Sandwich - 850 mg
6" Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sandwich - 840 mg
6" Turkey Breast & Ham Sandwich - 790 mg
6" Black Forest Ham Sandwich, no cheese - 800 mg

Taco Bell

Chicken Cantina Bowl - 1960 mg
Cantina Chicken Burrito - 1960 mg
Volcano Nachos - 1670 mg
Fiesta Taco Salad, Beef Variety - 1380 mg

For more information related to recommended sodium content, refer to this article at Diet Bites.

In Summary

If you are concerned about the amount of salt contained in fast food, request a nutrition guide from your server before ordering.

In addition to reviewing the sodium content, also look at the following: saturated fat, total fat, Trans fat, cholesterol and caloric content - as all of these elements influence the nutritional values of your selections.

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