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Types of Carbohydrates Influence Body Weight

Can you really lose weight simply by monetizing the types of carbohydrate sources that you input into your weight loss plan?

The answer is a tiny bit complex....and actually is based on complex sources of carbs in the daily diet. Let's dig a bit deeper into this issue:

1. The types of carbohydrates that we consume on a daily basis impacts body weight. However, not on the same level as caloric intake as energy-in combined with energy-out determines the amount of pounds we gain or lose.

A. Energy-in equals food sources, including liquids consumed by the body.

B. Energy-out equals energy expended through exercise, activity and the use of energy necessary by the body to perform vital functions related to life - such as metabolic, circulatory, digestion and so forth.

2. If our daily eating plan contains chiefly simple carbohydrates when we are dieting, we are more likely to lose weight SLOWER than if our day had been comprised of a balance of the Five Basic Food Groups - as well as skipping the simple and grabbing onto the complex carbohydrate sources. This applies - even when caloric values are identical.

Why so?

Because carbohydrates soak up liquids within the body, thus the amount registering as pounds on the scales. Think about low or restricted-carb dieters. They tend to drop a significant amount of weight at the beginning of their plan. This is due chiefly to two reasons:

A. Simple carbs are discouraged while complex carbs are encouraged. Pies, doughnuts, cakes and cookies are substituted with whole grain sources.

B. Protein is a cornerstone of most low-carbohydrate diet plans. Proteins encourage water to be released from the body - and if you've ever picked up a gallon jug of water, you know how heavily it weighs.


C. Weight loss is almost-always in the form of water rather than fat. The majority of post-dieters regain anything lost quite swiftly after the plan has ended.

Best Weight Loss Plan

We have to note that we are not a supporter of the low-carb weight loss plans BUT we are a supporter of reduction plans which recommend adequate [not obsessive] amounts of protein as recommended by the USDA's Food Pyramid AND those plans which embrace complex carbs.

Simply put, this plan is one which is recommended by the USDA and based on the Food Pyramid and its Food Groups.

Let's see how that plan would work to stimulate rapid pound reduction, safely.

1. Simply eat the recommended number of servings from the Food Groups, opting for the lower calorie foods within each group. For example, in the vegetable group - potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn tend to be much heftier in caloric values than spinach, carrots, lettuce and other leafy greens. As to Protein, opting for a serving of legumes or baked fish makes better options than processed meats.

2. Recommended servings from the Basic Five are as follows: Grain Group: 6-11 servings, Fruit Group: 2-4 servings, Vegetable Group: 3-5 servings, Protein Group: 2-3 servings and Dairy Group: 2-3 servings.

3. Limit fats, limit sodium, reach for fiber and protein-rich food sources. Avoid highly refined foods. Opt for complex over simple carbs. Choose water over sugary drinks and avoid alcohol.

4. Add activity to boost your fat-loss results and balance activity with relaxation.

In Summary

When it comes to losing, it's best to lose true fat than water. In addition, opting for the healthier carbohydrate choices can assist in ramping up the rate of fat loss in comparison to simple carbohydrate consumption.


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