Alzheimer's Disease: Best Foods to Eat or Avoid

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Alzheimer's Disease: Best Foods to Eat in Daily Diet

The following foods have proven helpful in slowing or treating this disease.

1. Foods that are rich sources for Choline. These include the following:
Sockeye Salmon
Liver, beef
Turkey Giblets
Roasted Duck
Haddock [a fish]
Turkey, roasted but take note that the neck is rich in zinc content and should be avoided.
Blue Crabs
Beef, lean only
Flatfish such as Flounder

2. Brewer's Yeast, Wheat Germ

3. Soybeans

Alzheimer's Disease: Foods to Avoid in Eating Plan

1. Zinc is still undergoing health studies but early results show that supplement can hasten the onset of side effects and symptoms associated with this disease. Therefore, ask your qualified doctor before taking zinc supplements.

Natural foods high in zinc content include:

Many cereals with added zinc or which contains foods naturally rich in zinc such as Raisin Bran.
Baked Pork & Beans
Chuck Blade Beef Roast
Alaskan King Crab

2. Alcoholic beverages and spirits should be avoided as they have the potential to impact memory function and to worsen dementia.

Special Notes

In studies, those individuals inflicted with this disease often exhibit low levels of the enzyme choline acetyltransferase which is essential in producing acetylcholine.  Studies are ongoing but one conclusion involves acetylcholine being vital to the brain in the areas of learning, retention and memory.

Foods rich in choline or lecithin may also slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease, but studies are still ongoing in this area. Keep in mind that supplements can't substitute for natural foods.

In Summary

This is a horrific disease which basically takes control over one's brain. My mother suffers from Alzheimer's which was discovered after she experienced a stroke in her thalamus about five years ago. In her early stage of the disease she could remember things that happened all the way back to her childhood, yet she couldn't remember something that happened less than five minutes prior.



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