Acne, Best Foods to Eat or Avoid

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Acne: Best Foods to Eat in Daily Diet

1. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A & C content. Seek fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthy fruit choices include:


Healthy vegetable choices include:

sweet potatoes
collards, kale, turnip greens, beet greens, mustard greens
winter squash, all varieties

2. Healthy juices - both fruit and vegetable:

grape juice cocktail
apricot nectar
orange juice, raw is best
pineapple juice
grapefruit juice
cranberry juice

3. Whole grains which are rich in the B Vitamins as well as in zinc. Take note not to go overboard where the B Vitamins are involved because too much can trigger adverse health effects.

4. Seek lean meats, fish [including crustaceans such as crab], lamb and chicken selections for zinc benefits.

Acne: Foods to Avoid in Eating Plan

1. Iodized salt - but your body requires some for optimum health.

2. Kelp supplements.

3. As referenced above, avoid excess amounts of the B Vitamins.

Special Notes

If you embrace a healthy daily diet the human body shouldn't require vitamin supplements unless directed by a qualified doctor.

In Summary

Scrubbing patches of acne will serve to irritate the delicate skin layers. Skin should be cleansed gently with a solution or cleanser targeted for acne issues - or as recommended by the attending physician or dermatologist.



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