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Symptoms & Causes of Acidic Body

The human body is an amazing work in progress and is very adept at keeping the body in balance, even when we embrace an unhealthy diet.

But when it becomes overloaded, the side effects can be both worrisome and bothersome.

At times, these side effects can signal deeper health issues - but lucky for we-humans, most of the time there are things we can do to rectify the damage before it reaches a dangerous state, posing risk to our long-term health.

However, if high-acidity issues exist they can pose significant risk to the human body.

When our daily diet is lacking in vegetables and fruits - and most American diets hold this pattern, the body is at risk for becoming too acidic.

Symptoms of an acidic body may include any of the following symptoms: bumps in the mouth or under the tongue, urinary tract burning, dry mouth, coated tongue and fatigue.

In some cases, the individual will also suffer with allergy issues - such as localized hives. When the condition is advanced, it requires medical attention, and in severe cases, hospitalization in order to balance the body.

Individuals who are at highest risk for acidic issues include: diabetics, individuals with compromised immune systems, those who are on protein-based diets to lose weight and individuals whose daily diets consist mostly of grains, proteins and dairy products.

Acidity & Protein Diets

Protein diets are all the rage these days, as are carbohydrate-restricted weight loss plans, and both are accompanied with risk for increasing acidity within the body.

Because diabetics are naturally at a higher risk for developing acidity issues, these types of plans can prove serious - and at times, fatal. When the body is severely acidic, it can pose risk to the kidneys and heart.

Foods with are rich sources for protein react within the body by breaking down into highly-acidic sulfuric and phosphoric compounds.

Foods With Vitamin C to Lower Acidity

Just as proteins break down in a specific manner once they enter the digestive system, other foods have their own sequence of their break-down process.

Because foods which are rich in vitamin c are highly acidic in composition - once they enter the digestive system they can assist in returning the body to balance.

While acidic in composite, they have alkaline-forming powers. Vitamin C-rich foods also boost immunity levels, support eye and cell health, combat cancer, and ward off the negative impacts of pollution that accompanies modern day society. What a great deal, eh?

Foods Rich in Potassium & the Bicarbonate Factor

Fruits and vegetables which are rich in potassium citrate can work to create a more alkaline body because when broken down amid the digestive process they are metabolized as potassium bicarbonate.

Because heat destroys most vitamins, raw fruit and vegetables are most desirable - or those which go through minimal cooking.

These days, many individuals would prefer to get their serving of fruit in bakery form - such as a slice of apple or cherry pie rather than the raw fruit. As to vegetables, we so-love to cover them in fancy sauces, most of which are dairy-based.

Opting to eliminate the sauces as well as the flour, eggs and other ingredients used in preparing bakery-type fruit-based foods can greatly assist in reducing the acidity levels within the body. White flour, beef and carbonated beverages are among the highest acid-forming foods.

Testing Acidity Levels at Home

PH test strips are a quick method for home testing and quite inexpensive. About 150 strips run under $15. The strip is dipped into urine and results quickly appear - within seconds.

While low-acidity is desired, a body which is on the opposite end of the spectrum - high-alkaline can also pose health issues. When it involves the human body, the key is balance and moderation.

Acid Food List

High Acid Forming Foods

Low Acid Forming Foods

Artificial Sweeteners Bran
Beef, particularly un-aged Cashews
Carbonated Drinks Cranberries
Flour, white & wheat Mustard
White Vinegar English Walnuts
Pasta Pumpkin, Sunflower Seeds
Most Bakery Items Pecans
Bread, white & wheat Olives, green
Sugar, white & brown Rice or Wheat Crackers
Goat, Lamb, Poultry Macadamias
White Rice Nutmeg
Black Tea Mild, homogenized
Table Salt Most Dairy Products
Custards Adjuki Beans
Jams, Preserves, Jelly Kidney Beans
Beer, Alcoholic Beverages Chick Peas
Chocolate Prunes
Coffee Rye Bread

High Alkaline Forming Foods

Fruits & Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C
Based on 1 Cup of Food OR 8 Fluid Ounces of Juice, Raw Form
Total Absorbic Acid (ng's)

Lemons Peaches
Watermelon Sweet Red Peppers
Cantaloupe Orange Juice, raw
Dried Dates Sweet Green Peppers
Dried Figs Strawberries
Limes Grapefruit Juice
Mango Papaya
Papaya Broccoli
Parsley Pineapple
Seedless Grapes Vegetable Juice
Asparagus Lemon Juice
100% Fruit Juices Cantaloupe
Pears Cauliflower
Pineapple Red Cabbage
Raisins Honeydew Melon
100% Vegetable Juices Tomatoes
Umeboshi Plums Summer Squash
Passion Fruit Onions, Spring or Scallions

Egg Whites & Acidity

Protein Diet & Acidity


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