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What You Need to Know About COVID-19

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Why is the new coronavirus called COVID-19?

CO = Corona
VI = Virus
D = Disease
19 = the year in which the virus first appeared.

Keep in mind that there are many viruses identified as 'coronaviruses'.

What is the goal of the virus?

Survival by using the human body as its host. This is why it is vital to quarantine, to eliminate or at minimum reduce viable hosts.

Strengthening immunity keep me from getting the virus?

False. At this writing the human body is void of antibodies which serve to protect us from getting COVID-19 because we have never encountered this disease until now. Our immune system does not recognize this specific virus.

Can blood from recovered individuals assist in getting me well if I get sick?

True. Due to the antibodies generated in the previously ill patient.

80% of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases are mild.

Unknown. We have been hearing much about this from health advisors and regulatories but at this date, there is little proof of that claim. Look no further than Italy or Spain. Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients of all ages. Only time will tell the true and full story.

Young adults only have mild cases.

False. Many young people have shared their horror story about their illness, emphasizing that they had assumed if they got sick, their case would most-likely be mild. However, it was quite severe with many of those young and healthy individuals requiring hospitalization.

I am in a low-risk group. Why isn't it okay to continue life as usual? Why must I quarantine?

When the body begins to shed a virus, the illness can spread - even if the individual shows no symptoms of illness.

With the seasonal flu, the body normally starts to shed the virus on day 1 or day 2 of the illness - even with zero symptoms.

With COVID-19 it may last as long as three weeks. Again - symptoms of the illness are unnecessary in order to infect your friend, your loved one, or even a stranger. Therefore, the moment you learn that someone you were near has the virus, you should immediately enter self-quarantine.

Are 14 days sufficient for self-quarantine in order to halt the spread of COVID-19?

Our belief is no. Because most individuals succumb to the virus shortly after exposure - or as long as 14 days following exposure, a time-lapse exists, in part due to the 'shedding' aspect.

If 'Patient A' spreads the virus to 'Patient B' on the first day of the month and become ill on the second day of the month - it is no guarantee that 'Patient A' will get well in 14 days. Most patients at this writing are requiring six weeks of recovery. Some are expected to require months.

For argument's sake, let us assume that 'Patient A' recovers in 14 days and is no longer contagious. But what about 'Patient B'? He may continue to exhibit no symptoms and still shed the virus. Let us assume that he becomes ill five days after exposure. And the people 'Patient B' infects become ill at 2, 4 or even 7 days after exposure.

You can easily see why more than 14 days if needed to kill or at least, halt COVID-19.

Can an individual catch the coronavirus numerous times?

Unproven, although we are being assured that we can only have one go-round of this 'ick'. We have read about two cases in which the individual tested negative two times, left the hospital, became ill again.

What we're not being told is that any virus can mutate. It may mutate into a very weak foe - or it can mutate into a virus which may cause certain death.

Can my pet get ill with this virus?

Unproven, although we have seen at least one report of such in the news. Particularly in dogs, we are more apt to give them an illness that for them to get us sick. The same applies with ferrets.

Where did COVID-19 originate?

This remains under investigation. There have been conspiracy theories and other sorts of wild ideas. What we do know is that COVID-19's first case was documented in China.

Before the outbreak revolved quickly into a pandemic, the focus or origin was centralized on a market in China which sold exotic animals. Many species were 'housed' together, which is never a good thing when feces, urine, and life-fluids are in a mix.

It was guesstimated that snakes were responsible, then cute pangolins. However, their DNA sequence did not meet the threshold of proof. Pangolins had a lower-90's sequencing - but much higher is required. The DNA of bats however, is almost a 100% match - so based on that data, this is considered by many scientists that bats are the source of the pandemic.

Greeting by Bumping Elbows Likely to Spread Infection

Recommendation for coughing by 'health experts': "Cough into your elbow."

Think about that. Any type of greeting during this pandemic should be restrained to a nod of the head.

What will is cost if I get this virus?

We've read one report where the recovered patient was billed for $35,000 by the hospital. The report did not state if the patient's doctor bill was included.

Will gloves & masks keep me safe?

Yes in our opinion. If not, why are doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers wearing them?

The concern - or basically the root of the argument is that the droplets of this virus are so small that they have the ability to penetrate certain face masks. There is also a concern to conserve all types of face masks due to the availability at this point in time.

As to gloves - if they are impenetrable they serve to assist in allowing dangerous germs to make contact with the skin. However, it is very difficult not to touch our faces; it's simply a human trait. It has been estimated that most of us touch our faces hundreds of times throughout our day. So do keep this in mind when wearing protective gloves - and avoid touching your face.

In addition, do not eat while wearing gloves or you can transfer the germs into your body.

Keep in mind that internally, our government realizes the inadequate supply of some medically-urgent items - and this most certainly includes gloves and masks. Let us hope that discouragement of using such isn't due to the shortage.

Is it a good idea to diet during the pandemic?

The word 'diet' has different meanings, depending upon the context. We will discuss this term as it applies in caloric restriction.

So our answer would be absolutely not. Restricting calories actually lowers the body's resistance.

On the other hand, ensuring that your meals and snacks are healthy choices is a VERY GREAT IDEA.

If you have a substantial amount of body weight to lose, the coronavirus may be even more difficult to experience because it is a lower respiratory disease. Being overweight already places a strain on the lungs, heart, kidneys, arteries, brain functioning, the digestive system and other areas of the body. The lungs in particular have more difficulty functioning.

Best Foods to Stock for Self-Quarantine

Grains & Starches:

Rice, instant potato flakes, dried pasta, couscous, instant packets of meals containing other starches. The great thing about starchy foods is different sauces can be added to create totally different flavors. And a little goes a long way.

Fruits & Vegetables:

Canned will be your best choice. Even patients who must embrace a sodium-reduced diet can find canned vegetables with reduced sodium content. While frozen is also an option, if this pandemic continues - we may face shuts downs on all levels due to people who are responsible for operating certain necessary facilities becoming stricken. Hopefully, that will not happen. We will be listing other food options below that do require freezing - but do keep this bullet point in mind.


Nuts and beans are superior choices, including nut butters. Powdered eggs are also a great option.


Milk can be frozen if powdered milk is unavailable. It does need room to expand amid the freezing process. In addition, canned evaporated milk - the unsweetened variety can assist. Simply add half evaporated milk, half water.

In addition, many types of cheese options can be found in the canned good section at the market, such as cheese sauce in sealed packets.

In Summary

This is a frightening era for the world. While many in the media are accusing others of panic - it's not panic, it's fear and concern.

We have some powerful medications at our disposal - many the result of our ancestors - but they cannot yet combat the virus. We also have the highest power watching over us - God and His Son, our Savior. As Christians, we say prayer is a powerful thing.

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