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Sometimes, we Need Weight Loss Therapy

Are you in a Diet Pickle where your weight gain is concerned - to the point to where you feel overwhelmed?

To the point to where you feel you have so much weight to lose that it's impossible?

To the point to where you know you're headed for Health Woe City if you don't rectify your overweight state, and do so quickly?

Well - don't give up! Instead, adapt your fat loss plan to include the following...

Set Your Weight Loss Goals in 10 Pound Increments

No matter what you weigh or how much weight you need to lose to reach your recommended weight, setting weight loss goals in 10 pound increments can boost weight loss motivation.

It will also keep you excited about losing the next 10 pounds.

Using Dieter Fay as our example, let's follow her Weight Loss

Formula based on 10 Pound Increments:

- Fay weighs 197 pounds.

- Her final goal weight is 135 pounds.

- Fay should set her FIRST weight loss goal at 189 pounds. Wow! Only a short time ago, Fay was inching the 200-pound mark. Now she's in her 180's!

- Her second weight loss goal should be set at 179 pounds.

- Her third weight loss goal should be set at 169 pounds.

- Next - 159 pounds, then 149 pounds with Dieter Fay arriving at her final weight loss goal of 135 pounds.

Permanent Weight Loss Takes Time

Be patient and keep in mind that weight loss takes time. Many times a perfectly great weight loss plan is abandoned due to impatience. The dieter assumes that their plan is not doable because the desired results are slow in coming.

Losing weight can be like whipping cream. The cream is whisked and whisked and whisked and remains the same consistency. In time, the cream starts to have a little more texture.

And suddenly, fluffy white clouds appear as things come together in what appears to be an instant.....but of course, for the person who whisked the cream, they know that it took a lot of effort to reach the final point.

How Long Will Reducing Fat Take?

If you have 100-150 pounds to lose, give yourself a year.

If you have 50 pounds to lose, give yourself 6 months.

If you have 10 pounds to lose, give yourself 2-3 months.

Keep in mind that the less weight one has to lose, the more time it can take to drop the pounds because the individual is consuming close to their recommended calorie intake and calories can only be decreased slightly.

On the other hand, if an individual has 100 or more pounds to lose, they are consuming quite a few more calories than their recommended calorie intake, therefore they have ample room for decreasing calorie intake.

Do Not Forget to Live for the Day

Don't waste your life dreaming about being thin! Enjoy your life today as none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, even those who are youngest among us.

There are so many quick tricks that can lend a thinner appearance while you're losing those excess pounds.

* Experiment with darker colors of clothing which can shave off a lot of pounds and provide a thinner appearance.

More and more slimming-under-gear is arriving at the marketplace, chiefly pitched to women wanting to look thinner. But hey - most of these work well for both sexes.

*For females, make sure your bra fits well. Sagging boobies create a larger than life illusion.....and not in a good 'weigh'.

* Most importantly, keep in mind that when you feel great about yourself - you look great too! You have more confidence!

So stand up tall - which is another great tip for erasing pounds, and be proud of who you are, no matter what you weigh.

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