Green Tea Benefits, Health Warnings
Weight Loss Tea Recipe

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Green Teas Benefits

Green tea is a worldwide popular beverage due to its health benefits which include the following.

- It's rich polyphenol content aids in preventing disease & boosting immunity.

- Metabolism booster.

- Aids in controlling blood sugar.

- Reduces risk of disease such as heart related illness and episodes such as heart attack.

- Green tea contains theanine which may reduce anxiety, help the body to relax as well as fight stress. It is a calming tea.

Green Tea Recommended Daily Amount & Health Risks

However, if you are a green tea lover too much of a good thing has the ability to cause severe liver damage.

Experts recommend no more than 5 cups per day in my neck of the woods.

In addition, it's vital to purchase your green tea fix from reliable sources. Otherwise, they may contain heavy metals which can damage your good health.

Herbal Teas Health Risks

Be cautious when purchasing herbal teas because some may send a body to the doctor, hospital or morgue. Keep in mind that herbal teas have been used for centuries to treat certain health conditions.

One example is licorice root tea. Side effects can include anxiety, nose bleeds, high blood pressure readings, shortness of breath and a potential trip to the ER.

Teas laced with laxatives which claimed to cause dramatic weight loss are very dangerous, causing organ failure and even death.

Black Tea & Leaf Teas

These teas offer a little blast of caffeine so for those who don't like morning coffee, tea makes a great alternative.

Reduced Calorie Hot Tea Recipe for Dieters

Combine the following Ingredients for this delicious lower calorie Weight Loss Tea:

32 ounces of hot water

3-4 tea bags - regular flavored tea, depending on how strong you like your tea

1/2 lemon seeded

no calorie sweetener (you decide the amount and brand)

Rum extract or anise extract or lemon extract and the amount of extract you use will depend upon your personal taste buds. Just a dash does well for me. Keep in mind that extracts contain alcohol. Reports of kids and college students getting high on vanilla extract are worrisome and can cause alcohol intoxication as well as alcohol poisoning.

Heat the water until steaming, then remove from fire. Add tea bags and the lemon and allow to steep (covered) about 5 minutes. Remove bags and lemon.

Add your favorite extract. Sweeten to taste.


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