Weight Scales, The Love-Hate Relationship
Weighing for Weight Loss Tips

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Weighing Woes

The ongoing love/hate relationship with our bathroom scales is like most relationships - it can be tricky. 

But not to worry as has some hot tips that can render impressive numbers on the weight scales and turn your relationship from loathe to love.

Weighing Tips for Weight Loss Motivation

1. When weighing, aim to do such after waking up - first thing in the morning after visiting Mr. Potty - and before putting on your clothes for the day.

The weight of clothing as well as shoes are not created equally and may add 1-7 pounds to the reading, even more if you have accidentally placed a toaster in the pocket of your robe before stepping on the scales. Yes indeedy, waking up is hard to do.

2. If the reading on the weight scales are two to five pounds more than you anticipated, don't get Diet Sad and for goodness sake - don't lose your Diet Motivation.

Weight typically goes up/down/up/down as it struggles to balance during Diet Time.

3. Another factor that can greatly influence the number on your bath scales is the Sodium Factor, creating several pounds of 'false' weight gain due to water retention.

It may take up to three days for all the pent-up water to resolve itself, so be patient and watch salt content consumption in your daily diet going forward.

4. The body may experience the effect of a Weight Loss Plateau as the weight loss process continues.

Be patient as it may take a couple of weeks for the weight loss process to kick-in again as the body is processing all the good things that are happening due to weight loss and healthier foods.

5. Keep in mind that the 'ideal' weight for you is a personalize number and cannot be measured or mandated by ANY common weight recommendation chart.

Different ages, sexes, muscle mass, ethnicity, body frame size, current health and speed of metabolism differ from individual-to-individual.

Your ideal weight should be the weight at which YOU feel and look your best.

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