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Spring has sprung, hatching so many delicious, healthy, good-earth solutions for a simple weight loss plan.

Forget those detailed diet menus and all the work that tend to accompany such.

A simple weight loss plan is more healthy, more tasty, less expensive and lower in calories for quick weight loss results. And who doesn't like that!

More Menu Planning Options

A few years ago a dieter would be hard-pressed to find low calorie prepared options at their local market. But these days, it can even be delivered to one's front door.

While prepared calorie-wise foods are quick and may even taste good, more often than not they are not nutritionally-wise.

While low in calories and fat, many contain too much sodium as well as additives used to extend the life of the food - many of the additives either difficult or impossible to digest thus  making the digestive system work harder than necessary.

Opting for nature's bounty in its purest form ensures more nutritional benefits and most of the time, a tastier meal.

Simple Weight Loss Plan

Let's start with the basic of ingredients in their natural state with this quick meal planner: 3 ounces of salmon, a small potato, 1 cup of green beans, a chunk of crusty whole grain bread and a cup of skim milk. We'll also add margarine to our meal for an additional 60 calories.

When these foods are prepared without added ingredients, the total for this meal plus the margarine equals 559 calories. If we extract the skim milk from our diet menu, the caloric total shrinks to around 450 calories which is in-line with many commercially prepared diet meals.

Foods With Long Lasting Satiety Power are Key

Keep in mind that this is quite a lot of food and will keep you feeling full for a very long period of time due to a good amount of healthy protein as well as fiber content. Here is the calorie breakdown of this free diet friendly meal planner:

-3 ounces of Atlantic farmed salmon contains 177 calories and 11.41 grams of total fat

-1 small potato which is about 1" to 2" in diameter contains 131 calories and 0.15 grams of total fat

-1 cup of fresh green beans contains about 31 calories and 0.22 grams of total fat (which is more total fat grams than Mister Potato)

-1 serving of whole grain bread contains about 69 calories and 1.10 grams of total fat

-1 cup of skim milk contains about 91 calories and 0.61 grams of total fat

Lemon Pepper Salmon - To prepare salmon, sprinkle with lemon pepper. Place into a preheated  350 oven (toaster or regular). Bake until golden brown.

Baked Potato - Prepare in microwave until done serve with part of the margarine, salt and pepper - but go easy on the salt shaker.

Green Beans - Steam if possible or cook on the stove top in boiling water. Add a bit of the margarine, salt and pepper - again, go easy on the salt shaker.

Whole Grain Bread - Enjoy fresh with a smear of the margarine.

Skim Milk- If you don't like skim milk or if you've enjoyed ample dairy servings for the day, then opt for another beverage of your choice.

If you are used to regular milk, it may take time to adjust to skim milk, or you simply may never like it as much as regular. If that's the case, simply enjoy cup of regular milk rather than 1 cup of skim for just a few more calories - healthy calories at that.

In Summary

The difference in embracing a simple food diet plan in comparison to a commercially-prepared diet meal plan is less sodium and healthier foods that are close to their natural states, as well as ingesting potentially unhealthy additives and the ability to control what we want to put on the food.

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