How to Lose Weight Quickly

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How to Burn Off Weight & Calories Quicker

Through decreasing calories and increasing activity level you can burn off weight quickly but what is most important is that you lose the extra fat and keep it off.

Keeping off the lost pounds is much more difficult that losing them. Often dieting is responsible for individuals ending up weighing more and more over time due to diet after diet.

Let's say we weigh 170 pounds.

We lose 30 pounds so we weight 140 pounds at this point.

We get off the diet and we regain the 30 pounds plus ten. So now we weigh 180 pounds.

We start another diet a few months later and again, we lose 30 pounds. So we're now at 150 pounds.

We get off the diet and we regain 30 pounds plus ten more. So at this point, we are 20 pounds heavier than we were when we began our first diet.

190 pounds

So we would have done well NOT to have embraced a weight loss diet at this point. So again, be careful if you diet to not regain what was loss and if you do, be even more careful not to gain more weight than you lost.

How to Lose Weight Quickly, Lean is Mean

Three things automatically pop to mind when the word 'lean' is bandied about: Oil, Sugar, Fat. These Big Three can cost the dieter big when it comes to weighing pounds on the scales.

To get keen on lean, cut back on the Big Three and incorporate more of the following lean tips into your daily diet plan:

- Trim visible fat from meats.

- Enjoy thinner slices of the foods you love.

- Incorporate more activity into your daily life.

- Enjoy raw fruits and vegetables for snacks.

Negative Health Impact & Body Image Related to Quick Weight Loss

As mentioned above the vast majority of dieters place emphasis on weight loss, but an equal amount should be placed on weight maintenance for permanent weight loss success.

First and foremost ask yourself, 'Do I really want to burn calories quicker?' Burning calories quicker can create unsightly, adverse effects on the body including:

Body Imbalances, Nutritional Deficiency, Health Issues

Body imbalances may occur as the body struggles to keep up with the rate of weight loss. When things move too quickly in the area of weight loss the body will go into lock-down mode, preserving precious calories for survival. The result is weight loss that was once quick suddenly revolves into sluggish results.

Hair & Nail Damage

Thinning hair lacking luster as well as unhealthy nails are often symptoms that the body is unable to cope with the quick rate of weight loss.

Dental & Digestive Issues

Foul breath and digestive issues including nausea and diarrhea are common health areas related to quick weight loss. Again, the body is out of balance, the electrolytes sodium, potassium and calcium juggled and pressed beyond reasonable limits to an unhealthy level.

Anxiety, Mood Changes, Mental Decline, Lethargy

Quick weight loss also contributes to tiredness, restlessness and sluggishness. The dieter may be cranky and confrontational as moods vacillate.

Wrinkles, Skin Elasticity Loss

Sagging and loose skin are associated with fast weight loss, at times requiring surgical removal when exercise and muscle strengthening isn't enough to repair the sagging.

Weight Gain Rebound

The unfortunate thing about individuals who have experienced weight issues is that they have a plethora of fat cells that remain in the body even after the weight is lost.

These fat cells are just waiting to be refilled. And for those with past weight issues, weight gain is experienced much quicker than in individuals who have never been overweight.

In Summary

If you're wanting to keep the lost weight off permanently it's going to take more than losing weight at a quick rate. It's going to take dedication to a life-long daily diet rich in the Food Groups and paired with activity.

Almost anyone can lose weight - even a vast amount of weight. We see them do it all the time on television, at times risking their lives to do such. Unfortunately, most don't keep the weight off. They return for more thrilling weight loss adventures, an endless circle that they struggle to break free from.

And they can break free from the cycle - as any individual struggling with weight issues can do. It takes serious dedication and knowing that the first day of the diet plan will mirror a lifetime of the same. Calories might not be so restricted once the weight is lost, but they must be controlled in order not to be regained.

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