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And Baby Makes 3

Bringing a child into the world is a life event. Some things all prospective parents should consider before beginning…

Bringing a life into the world is perhaps the most important decision that a couple makes in a lifetime.

With the benefits of modern medicine, not much thought is usually given to potential problems that can arise during pregnancy and childbirth, much less to vital questions that need to be addressed before attempting pregnancy.

The following is not meant to frighten the prospective parent, but to inform and to evoke great thought and consideration for the unborn.

Do you Both Want to Have a Child?

The keyword is 'both'. The following example is just one aspect of why it is so important that having a child be mutually agreed upon. Many times in a relationship, a child is conceived so that the man, or the woman, has a companion.

Once the child reaches adulthood, the 'child' will want to have their own life and may feel smothered by that parent.  

Do Either Partners Feel Pressured into Having a Child?

Pressure can stem from a partner, parent, friend, or even someone in your peer group. The decision to have a child should be the decision of the couple and their physician – which brings us to the next consideration.

Health Concerns, Stress

Stress can ruin a loving relationship and marriage.

Babies are wonderful precious gifts but they can also try a relationship to the fullest. Be sure you're prepared beforehand for the possibilities ahead.

The couple should realize that death can occur during childbirth.

Before getting pregnant, a woman should get a complete physical examination. She should mention any previous medical problems in her family history, as well as her partner's – which brings us to yet, the next consideration.

Are there any hereditary diseases that can be passed on to the offspring?

If the couple falls into a high-risk category, adoption is one option that can be contemplated.

One question that generally surfaces is, "Can the couple afford a baby?"

If everyone were truthful with this question, there probably wouldn't be many people on earth. If a couple truly desires to have a child, hard work, determination and perseverance will pave the way.

Are both partners prepared to accept this change in their relationship?

A baby will certainly effect a relationship both positively and negatively. - night feedings, dirty diapers, crying, cooing, teething, giggling.

In Summary

When you are ready.

Once the decision has been made, aim high! The couple must strive to be the best parents they can be. Love is a simple word that's actually quite complex.

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