Weight Gain Caused by Ageing &
Impact on Health, Lifespan

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Weight Gain Caused by Ageing

As we grow older, our bodies slow down - including our metabolisms.  In addition, as we slow down with our activity levels, our bodies require less calories to function throughout the day.  

How to Fight Weight Gain Caused by Ageing

Keeping active will not only keep the body in better working order, it will boost the metabolism so that the individual can enjoy more calories throughout the day.

Ageing individuals may also encounter bumps in the road such as diabetes, thyroid issues, allergies and heart problems. Health conditions are not only taxing on the body and spirit, they also flow over onto the weight scales because many of these conditions encourage weight gain.

Growing older isn't an automatic sentence to weight gain. Age presents opportunity to explore as we become less tied down to the every day grind of the workplace.

Explore new things both mentally and physically.  Enjoy life and by simply doing this, you'll increase your odds of enjoying life longer.

As a note, many health experts are agreeing that a few extra pounds on the ageing individual may be more healthy than not.

Weight Gain Caused by Middle Age Spread

We've all seen slim movie stars in their younger years get suddenly robust around the middle as time goes by.  Is it too much of a good thing? Have they simply let go?  Or, is that middle-age spread a gift from Mother Nature?  Weight gain.

As we age, we tend to slow down.  While we couldn't wait to paint the town red in our younger years, these days we are content to just sit and look at the can of red paint.  Common favorite activities revolve from sweat-wrenching sports to watching television, making more babies, going to the movies, and playing video games.

Weight Gain Caused by Ageing & Impact on Health, Lifespan

Avoiding weight gain during mid-life might help you forego future health woes such as joint issues and heart troubles.  

Try to remain active.  Use the push mower rather than the riding lawn mower on those cooler summer days.  And embrace some of the most primitive of fitness tips such as taking the stairs, parking a distance from the building and so forth.

If you find that your mid-section is still unwieldy, you may need to cut back on food intake.  Determine your daily calorie needs, then look for foods lowest in calories which work well in filling up the tummy.

In Summary

Older individuals can still benefit from making healthier changes in their daily diet as well as becoming more active. Doing such may add years to one's life and also simply feeling better.

Gaining too much weight may lead to having to use a walker, then a wheelchair because our skeletal frame & muscular system is too fragile and weak to withstand our body weight. Even if you are in that current situation, losing weight may assist in gaining strength so that you don't need that walker, that you don't need that cane, that you don't need that wheelchair.

Just walking a few more steps each day, just avoiding high-fat desserts like cheesecake may be key in unlocking bountiful health, even in our golden year.

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