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Losing Excess Weight for Wedding Day

If you're wishing to look thinner on your wedding day but do not have much time before the big day, Diet Bites has tips that can help you look slimmer on your special day.

1. Switch out sugary foods for fresh fruit.

2. Carb rich foods such as bread tend to hold water, thus impacting weight which is why low carb diets are so popular. However, most weight that is quickly lost on these type plans will quickly reappear after carbs are added to the daily diet again. Therefore, opt for whole grain choices.

3. Salt also causes temporary weight gain. Avoiding salty foods before your big day can keep weight gain away.

4. If you have a few months, weeks or even days before the big event make it your goal to walk each day. Opt for 'steps' rather than 'miles'. 1,000 or 2,000 steps a day can help offset weight gain when embracing a healthy daily diet.

5. Opt for water over soda and other high calorie beverages.

6. Avoid alcohol as it's mined with empty calories.

7. Be sure to monitor your weight each morning to see how you're progressing. Weighing regularly helps to keep your plan on track.

Tips to Look Thinner on Your Wedding Day

1. White tends to add pounds, but it is 'the' virginal color for weddings, and the most popular choice. Adding color to the white can help offset pounds. A colorful bridal bouquet, a colorful wreath around the head, a colorful arm-band of flowers - all of these work well in drawing attention to color rather than a concentrated focus of white.

2. A good photographer is aware of certain angles which can make the body appear thinner. Even if they goof-it-up, software can often amend the end result.

Photographing head-on tends to add pounds. Photographing from below the subjects will also add on MANY pounds. Best angles include side (slightly turned, with face gazing into the camera lens) as well as photos taken at a higher level than the subject.

3. A pair of comfortable heels (if such a thing exists!!) can stretch the length of a subject, thus creating a slimmer illusion.

4. Smile! When one smiles, who cares about weighty issues? On the other hand, a frown may scramble the observer's attention and a thorough investigation of the subject.

5. Stand straight and tall and the bride or groom will appear to have lost 10 pounds instantly. Unfortunately, slouching is a typical habit of overweight individuals as an attempt to hide pounds. Slouching only increases the appearance of weight.

Here is wishing all of our bride's who visit a most excellent wedding day filled with only the best things in life!

Weight Loss Success Story - Jane's New Gown

As Jane walked past the quaint consignment shop showcasing an exquisite gold spangled gown in the display window she gasped with delight, then grimaced as her focus shifted from the gown to her reflection mirrored on the window glass.

Twitching her lips in annoyance, she guesstimated the gown in the window to be a size eight - twelve sizes smaller than the clothes living in her closet.

On her last weigh-in at the doctor's office she had set a new record for herself, weighing more now than she had ever weighed in her life. And 232 pounds was a lot of weight to haul around.

Often she found herself breathless when doing the most menial of tasks. And forget the stairs - at least those containing more than five steps. When the exertion of the climb didn't get her, the effect on her knees certainly did.

Glancing at the gown again, she fantasized that she was the lifeless mannequin. She would give most anything to be a size eight again. Almost anything? Chocolate Sundays, Comfort Food Mondays, Cookie Tuesdays, Cheesy Wednesdays, "Fatachinni" Alfredo Thursdays, Enchilada Fridays and Soda Saturdays - oh yes, she would to be a size eight again.

And she had done just that - so many times in her past. Fad diets, weight loss supplements, weight loss pills, grueling exercise that made climbing a flight of stairs seem like child's play.

She had even tried diets recommended by her doctor.

Sad but so, none of the bland and boring diets had worked in achieving permanent weight loss. None of the diets had worked in helping her reach that magic number. She would lose ten pounds, or twenty pounds, and at one time - even fifty pounds, but when the diet ended she wound up weighing more than before the diet began.

Yes, she would give most anything to be a size eight again.

As Jane continued on her way, the more she pondered her overweight state, the clearer things became. If she were willing to give most anything to lose weight and be a size eight again, then that meant that she would be willing to sign onto a healthy diet plan and stick to that plan until all the weight was gone.

That meant that once the weight was gone, that she would have to continue working smartly with her daily diet so the weight would stay off.

The thought of the beautiful gown appeared in her mind's eye once again. This time - THIS TIME, she would succeed. And Jane did exactly that! Here is how:

- Jane set weight loss goals that were doable. She planned on losing two pounds per week on average. This equaled 104 pounds of weight loss in one year. Keep in mind that at the beginning of most weight loss attempts, weight can quickly be shed. But as time goes forward, fat loss slows.

- Rather than going on a starvation diet to lose weight, or a fad diet plan, Jane stuck to three healthy meals per day.

- Jane rejected second helpings.

- Jane ejected unhealthy snacks from her daily diet.

- Jane walked 1 mile each and every day to gain muscle and lose fat.

- Jane enjoyed 8 hours of sleep each night.

Yes, Jane looked fabulous in her new size eight gold spangled gown. She had made a lot of wise choices.

Perhaps her wisest choice was in wanting the gold spangled gown MORE than she wanted that chocolate on Sunday, that comfort food on Mondays, that cookie on Tuesdays, that cheese on Wednesdays, that "Fatachinni" Alfredo on Thursdays, those enchiladas on Fridays and those sugary sodas on Saturdays.

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