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Combating Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are one of the top reasons for absences in the workplace.

Allergies interfere with life, with work, with play, even with romance.

When allergic allergies impact our sinus, it get real ugly. Symptoms include pressure in the face, particularly behind the eyes and nose; ear pain, eye pain, swollen areas on the face as well as feeling like you've just been ran other by a beer truck.

An individual may also experience hives, rash, itch and so forth to a specific allergen or allergens.

Before we get into our allergy prevention tips, if you are experiencing more allergy symptoms than in the past then check your daily diet.

Foods That Can Trigger Allergy Symptoms

Most Common Foods That Trigger Allergies

- eggs, milk, dairy products

- nuts, peanuts

- fish, shellfish

- wheat

- sesame

- soy

Sugar Substitutes

If a food contains sugar substitutes this may be the culprit behind your allergies. Sugar substitutes can damage the immune system, alter our DNA, and trigger hives, rash, itch, swelling generally in the face and become quite scary.

Personally speaking, I was a big fan of sugar substitutes for about 12 years and my allergies got worse and worse.

At one time hives reached a life-threatening stage. I couldn't even be around my pets.

After ditching sugar substitutes my allergy symptoms are about 1/10th as bad as they were. Even better, while my weight stayed within my healthy range I was developing a fatty bulge in my upper abdominal cavity. After ditching the sugar substitutes, the bulge started going away and I actually didn't gain any weight.

So if this sounds familiar, please speak with your doctor for professional advice regarding sugar substitutes and your immune system.

Tips to Lessen Allergies

The bedroom is generally the room where people spend most of their time at home. As a romantic, you already know this. It's a room that you'll want to get as dust-free as possible.

The next time that you are inside your bedroom take a good look about the room. There's no getting around it; the bedroom is a dust magnet. With all the pillows, drapery, carpeting - these are all harbors for irritating dust.

Outlined below are a few suggestions that will help keep your bedroom as dust-free as possible so you can spend more time being romantic rather than sneezing.

Pillows & Allergy Tip

Polyester is your best choice. If you prefer pillows filled with down or foam you may want to consider sealing them in plastic, zipper-styled cases.

Mattresses & Allergy Tip

Seal your mattress in a plastic, zipper-styled case as well. This will really cut down on the dust.

Blankets & Allergy Tip

Polyester blankets are a good choice because you can wash them and they don't tend to hold dust like the thick, wool blankets.

Check the manufacturer's label on your bedspread or comforter. If you have allergy problems your best choice is again, something that you can toss into the wash.

Clothing Closet & Allergy Tip

Clothing collects dust; therefore, closets should be kept closed at all times.

Carpeting & Allergy Tip

Carpeting attracts and holds dust. You may want to check into the beautiful wood-styled floors that are available on the market today. Throw rugs add romantic charm to the bedroom and can be washed to hold down the dust.

Curtains & Allergy Tip

If you prefer window shades or curtains, invest in ones that can be washed.

Knickknacks, Dust & Allergy

Knickknacks will accumulate dust, so clean them often.

Animals & Allergy Tip

Animals should be stationed outside of your bedroom if your allergies are severe.

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