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1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan Menu for Weight Loss

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This weight loss plan is designed for individuals placed on a reduced calorie diet by their doctor. Diet Bites 1500 Calorie Diet and Meal Plan illustrates a daily menu based on the official food group recommendations.


Rather than suffering severe hunger pains and risk going off a diet that is too low in calories, recommends a healthier approach. Simply determine your personal calorie (energy) needs based on your recommended weight.

Simply stick to a daily diet consisting of the recommended calories that can be calculated. Be sure to choose from all the food groups contained in the Food Pyramid such as outlined below in our 1500 Calorie Diet and Meal Plan.

While a 1500 calorie diet plan may be ideal for many individuals, it may be too deficient in calories for others, thus creating a decrease in speed of the metabolism - which equates to a slower rate of weight loss as the body struggles to save energy. Therefore, seek your healthcare provider's advice to determine your healthiest caloric needs.

1500 Calorie Diet

Breakfast - 1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

Oats, Toast & Fruit

1 serving of whole oats (150 calories)

1 slice of whole grain bread (up to 70 calories)

margarine (up to 30 calories)

1 teaspoon of honey (32 calories)

1 cup of skim milk (90 calories)

1 small banana (90 calories)

Prepare oats as directed on package. Add honey and milk to suit personal preference; be sure to drink any remaining milk. Add margarine to either the oat cereal or your whole grain bread. Packaged prepared oats can also be used, thus allowing the admission of the honey.

Morning Snack - 1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

Fresh Fruit

1 plum (30 calories)

Lunch - 1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

Chili Cheese Pie

Vegetarians can opt for a veggie-based chili.

Chili - up to 200 calories.

Chopped onions, chopped peppers, chili sauce (optional)

12 whole grain crackers OR 120 calories worth of lightly salted chips

Shredded Cheese (100 calories worth)

zero calorie beverage, tea or water

Heat chili and stir in the crumbled crackers or chips OR serve them on the side. Cheese can either be added to the top of the hot chili or stirred into the chili.

Afternoon Snack - 1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

Enjoy any food housed within the healthy Dairy Food Group up to 110 calories. Healthy menu suggestions include: low fat cottage cheese, low fat cheeses, low fat yogurt - all of which can be enjoyed with a few raw veggies.

Dinner - 1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

Baked Potato & Steamed Veggies

1 small baked potato that is 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 inches in diameter (134 calories)

1 serving of light sour cream + 1/4 cup of shredded low fat cheese (allow 100 calories)

Bacon bits (up to 25 calories)

Enjoy freely the addition of any of the following as potato toppings: chopped chives, chopped onions, chopped peppers of any variety.

1 plum tomato, chopped (11 calories)

2 cups of frozen or fresh steamed vegetables of personal choice (50 calories)

margarine or butter (up to 120 calories)

zero calorie beverage, tea or water

Prepare potato; assemble with any of the ingredients above, serving vegetables on the side with up to 60 calories worth of margarine. Use the other 60 calories worth of margarine on the baked potato if desired.

Bedtime Snack - 1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

1/2 cup of blueberries (35 calories)

In Summary

Nutritional Data - 1500 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

Our example of a 1500 Calories Diet contains the following food group serving amounts:

3 Servings from the Fruit Group, 4 Servings from the Grain Group, 4 Servings from the Vegetable Group, 4 Servings from the Dairy Group and 2 Servings from the Meat & Bean Group.

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