Slim True U FDA Consumer Warning

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

FDA Issues Consumer Warning for Slim True U Due to Hidden Drug Ingredient

On May 5, 2014 the FDA issued a consumer advisory for Slim True U.

Amid a laboratory analysis they found a hidden drug in Slim True U which present serious as well as life-threatening risks to consumers.

The name of the hidden drug is SIBUTRAMINE and Diet Bites notes that this drug has appeared in NUMEROUS FDA warnings over the last couple of months.

Why any company or business would want to knowingly place a drug into a product which could potentially kill someone is.....well, we have no words. It's simply unbelievable and unconscionable. Particularly with 'True' in the name, right?

Slim True U is a product promoted and sold for weight loss. It is featured on numerous websites in addition to potentially being sold in some retail stores in the United States. It is unregulated by the FDA - as are most of the products which are targeted towards losing weight which are peddled online.

If you have taken OR if you are currently taking Slim True U for any condition, we strongly advise that you contact the FDA - right after you meet with your doctor.

Report any side effects that you may have recently experienced.

And quit purchasing unregulated products online which are targeted towards improving your health.

If you were to closely monitor these products like Diet Bites, you would probably be astounded by the number which contain hidden drugs. Even more concerning are the side effects of these hidden drugs.

Slim True U, Hidden Drug Sibutramine Side Effects

The most common side effects are:

- drastic increase in blood pressure

- drastic increase in pulse rate

If you have heart issues - or a family history of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory ills, urinary/kidney disease, circulatory ills or stroke, your body is at a higher risk for developing serious health issues from taking Slim True U.

Sibutramine side effects are so serious that the FDA removed this drug from the U.S. marketplace in October of 2010.

If you are also taking a doctor-prescribed drug, an over the counter drug, or a herbal remedy you are at a higher risk for developing serious side effects when paired with Slim True U, including life-threatening side effects.

Diet Bites advises that you seek the advice of your personal healthcare provider as soon as possible and meet for a physical examination.



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