Consumer Warning for Bee Pollen
Weight Loss Products

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

FDA Issues Consumer Warning for Bee Pollen Weight Loss & 'Body Shaping' Products Containing Hidden Tainted & Harmful Ingredients

These products are sold online as well as in fitness centers and spas. Unfortunately, some are even touted by health care practitioners.

They promise to assist with losing weight OR with body reshaping and can cause harm and/or death. One death has been reported related to these products.

People and businesses who use scams to target overweight individuals often offer promises and fast cures for obesity issues. Often natural ingredients - such as bee pollen is used in the product to lure customers. Hidden, often harmful ingredients are added to the product which in turn pose health risks to consumers, therein the problem - and significant risks.

The FDA warns that bee pollen is NOT a miracle ingredient - and Diet Bites will add that it's not a cure for obesity. Genes and personal habits are the two governing factors for body weight.

Consumers at Highest Risk Using Bee Pollen Products

If you are an individual with the following health conditions you are at higher risk for developing serious repercussions by taking products containing bee pollen:

- high blood pressure, including hidden high blood pressure
- irregular heartbeat or other heart ailments [many of these products greatly increase risk of heart issues and stroke]
- bipolar disorders
- the young and the elderly
- pregnant women

Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Contains Harmful Ingredient Not Listed on Product Label

The FDA warned that the products 'Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen' contains AT LEAST one potentially harmful ingredient which is not mentioned on the product content label. It contains undeclared sibutramine and/or phenolphthalein.

Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen has been placed on the FDA's Import Alert list to prevent the product being shipped into the United States. Unfortunately, the product may enter the country illegally. The FDA is also considering its options against other products containing bee pollen containing undeclared drugs, including a seizure action in federal court, injunctions and criminal prosecution again firms or the individuals responsible for peddling these products.

Sibutramine & Phenolphthalein Side Effects

Sibutramine is an oral dietary supplement which may reduce appetite. Dangerous side effects include fatal pulmonary hypertension and other blood pressure issues, heart valve damage and numerous other pulmonary-related events, dry mouth, increased rather than decreased appetite, nausea and upset stomach, increased menstrual discomfort, cramping and pain, headache, joint and muscle aches and pains, difficulty sleeping or drowsiness, dizziness, paresthesia, mood shifts, seizures, urinary issues, fever, rigors, bruising, edema, dypsnea, melena, difficulty with vision - and death related to serious side effects. There is an increased risk for heart events, including stroke for individuals taking sibutramine.

A chief side-effect of sibutramine is thirst; the FDA reports that many manufacturers of bee pollen products that are sold for weight loss or other health ills will often recommend that the consumer drink more water due to thirst. In truth, thirst is a side-effect of sibutramine. They may also say that the consumer is feeling unwell due to the side effects of the body undergoing detox, when in fact - the unwell feeling is due to the side effects of sibutramine.

Phenolphthalein side effects include diarrhea and hemorrhagic stroke. There are also concerns of its carcinogenic properties. At this point we'd like to say that emptying of the bowel is NOT going to produce long-term weight loss results. One will weigh a tab lighter after experiencing diarrhea - but the effect lasts for only a few short hours.

Phenolphthalein has not been approved for use in the United States as is recognized by the FDA as unsafe and ineffective.

Other Bee Pollen Weight Loss Products Which May Contain Unreported Ingredients & Side Effects

Ultimate Formula, Fat Zero, Bella Vi Amp’d Up, Insane Amp’d Up, Slim Trim U, Infinity, Perfect Body Solution, Asset Extreme, Asset Extreme Plus, Asset Bold and Asset Bee Pollen.

The FDA reports the following health complaints from consumers related to the products containing bee pollen which are targeted for weight loss: one death, serious cardiac issues, chest pain, heart palpitations, tachycardia (increased heart rate), increased blood pressure, seizures, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, insomnia and diarrhea. 

There is also the unlawful claim connected to many bee pollen weight loss products which are marketed as dietary supplements - such as treating or preventing certain diseases or which are marketed to control certain health conditions, including obesity, allergies, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Why Consumers Get Scammed

People are drawn to 'natural' and 'exotic' products which promise to make the weight loss journey easier. All too often, these unregulated products contain hidden harmful and tainted ingredients - which may take a long while to uncover by the government agencies.

While the tests are ongoing, the scammers pull in thousands - and even millions of dollars. The fines are only a small fraction of what these people make - and more often than not, consumers are left with long-lasting and at times, deadly effects related to these unregulated products.

When you see a weight loss product labeled as 'authentic', 'natural', 'all natural', or 'exotic' - buyer beware. As proven with Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, the product contained hidden, tainted harmful ingredients.

Also beware of statements such as 'original', 'genuine' and 'authentic'.

What to Do if You've Purchased a Bee Pollen Product Claiming Weight Loss Results & Power

Report adverse health events related to bee pollen products to the FDA's MedWatch program.



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