B-Perfect Consumer Warning

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

FDA Issues Consumer Warning for B-Perfect

If you are using this product you should immediately discontinue use - and if you exhibit any of the symptoms and/or side effects listed below OR if you feel any type of sensitivity that is bothersome you should seek medical assistance.

B-Perfect is yet another product being sold which is targeted towards weight loss. It contains hidden drug ingredients which can be lethal.

It is peddled online and may also be available at offline marketplaces.

Hidden Drug Ingredients in B-Perfect & Potential Side Effects

The FDA conducts random testing of marketed products which are unregulated by the U.S. government. They tested B-Perfect in a laboratory analysis and confirmed that the product contains SIBUTRAMINE AND PHENOLPHTHALEIN.

Subutramine was removed from the U.S. markets in October of 2010 due to safety concerns.

Side effects of the drug subutramine include: increased blood pressure, and increased pulse rate. Due to the increases in blood pressure and pulse rate, this drug poses serious risks for those with a history of coronary artery disease and may lead to congestive heart failure, arrhythmias or stroke - among other serious health-related issues.

Once the heart is impacted, other vital organs begin to show signs of stress or damage. For example, the lungs and kidney functions are immediately compromised.

If the individual is also taking an over the counter OR doctor-prescribed medication in combination with B-Perfect, they can interact and potentially trigger a life-threatening situation.

The drug Phenolphthalein presents a cancer-causing risk. In addition, it is not an active ingredient in ANY approved U.S. based drug.

Additional Potential Side Effects of B-Perfect, Those at Highest Risk

Individuals at highest risk for compromising side effects of B-Perfect:

- heart patients, including individuals who have hidden heart conditions
- diabetics
- individuals with kidney and/or urinary tract issues
- those with compromised immune systems
- the young and the elderly
- individuals with high blood pressure
- those with a history of stroke and/or heart conditions

Other side effects for B-Perfect include:

- mood shifting or changes
- interruption of sleeping pattern as the individual may experience insomnia OR drowsiness
- dizziness, nausea, often associated with blood pressure and pulse rate issues
- death



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