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Healthy Halloween Dieting Menu

Written by Diet Bites

A Halloween Menu low in fat and calories.

It's time to have a Halloween Party!

And Diet Bites has dug out their deepest caldron and conjured-up the following un-scary menu for your celebration with foods and recipes that are not only low in fat and calories, but are also seasonal. Pumpkins, squash, popcorn - oh yum!

We've always found that if the foods and drinks are simple, then the party is much more enjoyable - and contains a lot less stress. Let's start our party with an easy and delicious punch recipe.

Green Monster Punch, an easy holiday diet punch recipe

You will need one carton or bucket of lime sherbet, one bottle of club soda and an equal sized bottle of diet lemon-lime soda.

Simply place the sherbet into a themed Halloween container - such as a plastic black caldron or pumpkin and added sodas to the sherbet.

Keep a spray can of light whipped cream that has been tucked into a bowl of crushed ice available for your guests to add to the top of their punch. It contains a skinny fifteen calories per serving - generally one, two second shot of cream.

The Witch's Song, a diet recipe

Every party needs a great dip and when it comes to the witch, we think of the color green. And when we think of green - the healthy avocado pops to mind. Although it is commonly attacked for being too fatty, the avocado is mined with the healthy types of fat.

One commercial variety of avocado contains about 325 calories per specimen and 30 total fat grams. However, only 4 of those are derived from saturated fat; about 20 are in the form of monounsaturated fat and the remainder in polyunsaturated fat. It is also rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin C as well as significant in potassium.

You will need the following ingredients and you can double or triple the recipe depending on the guest list:

Six seeded avocados with the skins removed, mashed
1/2 cup of Miracle Whip LIGHT
1 teaspoon of ground chili powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/4 cup of your favorite salsa

Mix all of the ingredients and transfer to a themed holiday serving dish. Place a bowl of the orange and black tortilla chips that are available during the Halloween season at the local market. If you can't locate them - then use vegetable chips.

Who says that dieting can't be fun?  Here are a few more healthier Halloween recipes you might like to try:

Rich & Low Calorie Pumpkin Soup
Healthy Harvest Stew

Witch Pudding & Nutter Ghosts

Frank n Stein

Acorn Squash

Halloween Diet Tips

Other Foods Low in Calories for Your Party

Red and black licorice laces are not only fun to eat, they also contain zero fat.

Another great choice is Jiffy Pop Popcorn - it's just so fun! Or enjoy hot air popcorn sprayed with no calorie butter spray or drizzled with melted reduced fat margarine.

What about a caramel apple? Some contain as few as 150 calories and come prepared at the market. The apple is very healthy and the caramel is prepared with milk - so you are getting some nutritional values from the treat.

Diet sodas, party mixes created with healthy whole grain cereals, light chips which are better than the full blown chips, light sour cream for dipping - all of these are fantastic choices for your party menu and serve to keep caloric values and dietary fat greatly limited.

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