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Henry began smoking just before his thirteenth birthday on a dare.

It's a habit that stayed with him until his senior years.

He hadn't thought much about the risks surrounding smoking and unlike his close friends, he hadn't ever tried to kick the habit.

Several years ago he saw firsthand how difficult quitting had been for his friend, Joe, and Henry had decided that it just wasn't worth the hassle.

And Joe quickly took up smoking again.

Then one day before Henry's sixty-fifth birthday, he developed a cough that wouldn't quite go away.  He had tried all the over-the-counter medicines, but nothing had worked.

His call from Joe came through as Henry was arguing with his wife about going to the doctor to find out why the cough wouldn't go away.

It was in great sadness that Henry learned that his friend Joe had developed lung cancer.  

Needless to say, Henry was perched willingly inside a doctor's office the following morning.

Endings Aren't Always Happy

Our story has two happy endings; Henry's cough was curable and he went on to help his friend, Joe beat cancer.

Both teamed up together to beat the smoking habit - and it was much easier than they thought with the new treatments available.  

Now the two of them enjoy a brisk morning walk together rather than a smoke.

If you have smoked since youth and are concerned about the difficultly you may face in kicking the habit, get with your doctor.  

Quitting while even in our golden years may add years to our lives, as well as quality of life.

How a Life Almost Went Up in Smoke

If you are trying to quit smoking and you are a senior - it can be accomplished. Please don't think that quitting now is useless. Within hours after you've smoked tobacco your tiny capillaries start to expand, making blood flow freer.

Your lung health also starts to improve as it's less congested. And you'll also smell better. Fact is, people that don't smoke can smell old tobacco on smokers and it's quite an off-putting scent. It also contributes to poor dental health, including bad breath. In addition, skin wrinkles more rapidly in smokers than in non-smokers.

On that note, get to your doctor. Get some help and kick the addiction. You could be adding years to your life.

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