Natural Vitamins for Seniors

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Vitamins Throughout Life

When you were a kid, odds are that your mom poked you with a vitamin. And then when you reached adulthood, there was a long space when you didn't take vitamins or you may have just used them every now and then.

I remember that I had vertigo as a little kid. My mom decided that I wasn't getting enough Vitamin A. Wow - did that ever make me ill. We're lucky that I'm even still here after that incident. But hey, it was back in the 1950's so moms are a lot smarter now, right?

Not that my mom wasn't smart; she just wasn't a doctor.

From Taking Vitamins During Childhood to Taking Vitamins as Seniors

And now that you've reached those senior years you may find yourself drifting back into the daily vitamin routine.  

And there are so many other the counter vitamins to choose from these days such as Over 40 Vitamins, Over 50 Vitamins, vitamins that supposedly help with weight loss or weight maintenance - a vitamin for every human form imaginable.

But are over the counter vitamins really useful?

Or, are over the counter vitamins one of the biggest scams in the history of mankind?

As we age our bodies may have difficulty in processing our foods, as well as the essential vitamins. And in some individuals, particularly in seniors as well as in adolescents - there are times when they just can't consume their necessary level of required vitamins and minerals, and in these cases vitamins are of great use.

They are also of great use in fighting some forms of diseases and act as security blankets such as pregnancy vitamins which help insure that both the mother and baby receive the necessary amount of vitamins to "insure" good health.  

So it may be a good idea to incorporate that daily vitamin into your routine, but you should first check with your doctor. Are you getting a healthy daily diet?

If so, you probably are getting your vitamins and minerals naturally - from the foods that you consume and therefore, a supplement would be unnecessary. It may even do more harm to your health, than good.  

So should vitamins be considered an inexpensive form of health insurance?  

Well, they GENERALLY don't do considerable harm in most individuals when taken in the recommended dosage. However, only our doctors know for sure....

In addition, recent health studies show very little [if any] benefits of taking a vitamin supplement for healthy adults.

I feel that the absolute BEST way to get your daily dose of healthy vitamins is to embrace a healthy diet. It's just the natural thing to do.

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