Stress in the Aged

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Being a Senior Doesn't Mean Zero Stress

One would think that when one reaches the golden age of opportunity that most of their troubles should be swept away.  

However, many seniors find themselves in the middle of Stress Overload which may effect their good health in a bad way.

Stress Related to Relatives

Seniors often worry about the future of their offspring, including grandchildren.  

Will they be sent off fighting a winless battle? Will they meet all their hopes and aspirations?

Stress Related to Financial Issues

Seniors often are presented with money concerns. Often unable to pursue employment, incomes are fixed and they must manage on at times, paltry amounts of money to survive.

They may even worry about becoming a burden on their family, or about losing their mate.

The key to keeping stress at a minimum is to learn to manage stress - something that is oft times - easier said than done.

Tips for Managing Stress

Here are a few pointers for managing stress:

glass_yellow.gif Keep life as simple as possible.

glass_yellow.gif Keep in mind that most stress is connected to our fears. Try not to focus on what has not yet happened. And when you do think about your future, keep those thoughts POSITIVE! Nothing can be accomplished in worrying about what 'might' happen. What will be, will be.

glass_yellow.gif Exercise is a great stress reliever.

It may be a simple walk in the park or your local mall OR even a shopping trip with a friend or family member.

glass_yellow.gif Make time to relax and don't feel guilty about doing such.  Many times, seniors fear that if they aren't continually busy, they'll turn to stone. It's merely a social myth.

Keep in mind that relaxation is equally as important to a healthy body as activity and exercise.

glass_yellow.gif Keep active and focused on the things in life that you enjoy rather than the things in life that you fear might happen.

glass_yellow.gif Strive to enjoy a healthy diet that contains the foods that you like -  even those 'diet taboo foods' from time to time.

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