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Senior Health - What Should You Weigh?

Written by Diet Bites


Personal History & Weight

When Velma reached womanhood, at 5' 4" she was a svelte 114 pounds.

As the years packed on, so did the pounds - particularly after Velma reached sixty years old.

She often attributed those unwanted pounds to middle age spread.

Fact was, Velma's metabolism changed as her body aged.

Although she was active, her metabolism didn't perform in the same manner as in had in her pre-sixty era. In addition, Velma wasn't as active as she had been in her earlier years.

When Velma reached the age of 72 her weight had catapulted over the 150 pound mark.

Oddly enough, Velma didn't look plump, nor did she feel unhealthy.

Should Velma be concerned? Should she strive to return to her 114 pound figure at 18?

Studies indicate that a little extra padding on seniors can actually be a good thing.

Because everyone is created differently, personal weight is best determined by the patient and their doctor. In the meantime, the following can be used for informational purposes regarding acceptable weight for seniors.

Be sure to meet with your doctor to determine your best weight.

Recommended Weight for Seniors

Height In
Feet & Inches
Weight in Pounds
Height In
Feet & Inches
Weight in Pounds
4' 11" up to 139 5' 8" up to 185
5' 0" up to 144 5' 9" up to 189
5' 1" up to 149 5' 10" up to 195
5' 2" up to 154 5' 11" up to 200
5' 3" up to 159 6' 0" up to 205
5' 4" up to 164 6' 1" up to 210
5' 5" up to 169 6' 2" up to 215
5' 6" up to 174 6' 3" up to 220
5' 7" up to 179 6' 4" up to 225


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