Pets Enhance Our Lives

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Pets are powerful aphrodisiac!  

A loving pet can add quality to our lives - and may even increase the length of our lives.

Take note that the key to achieving healthy benefits associated with pet ownership is having a pet that brings joy into your life rather than a pet that brings stress.

Like the people we know, we get along better with some than with others.  

It's the same way with pets; some will bond with us where some will not.

Some things to consider before purchasing a pet.

Be sure you want a pet for the right reasons.  

Many times individuals will purchase a pet thinking that it is an opportunity to make them walk each day, but in time the individual often grows tired of the routine and falls back into their old routine - the pet all but forgotten.

Make sure that you can afford a pet.  

Some things to plan for are food, toys and vet bills. Personally speaking, we have worked for years in taking in little ferrets who are no longer wanted by their owners. Many had lived in a tiny cage all of their lives, even some outdoors which was quite cruel.

We've given them an excellent home and lots of love - but ferrets are quite expensive. When we were younger and making more money, it wasn't a burden. Now, we've taken in the last that we can afford as we've entered our older years and our yearly income has declined significantly.

Ferrets are one of the most expensive animals to have. The food is expensive as are the treats but most expensive are the vet bills. More than three-fourth's of them get adrenal disease which requires monthly treatment. There are several other diseases which are common to the ageing ferret - all of which are very costly.

Therefore, think about the type of pet that you can afford and how you'll pay for its medical bills if and when needed - in addition to shots and updates.

Make sure you are going to be comfortable cleaning up after your pet.  

Some pets are easier to care for than others.

Think about the age that you are, and about the age of the pet that would suit your situation best.

If you are a young senior, purchasing a puppy might be a good idea. I'm in my sixties right now and if I were purchasing a dog, I would opt for a senior. I may not be around in five, ten or fifteen years - and many dogs live past that age.

Older seniors may find an older homeless pet an ideal pet. We've found many homeless pets that we've taken in to bring much joy into our lives.

Always plan - whether you are young or old - what you want to happen to your pets should you pass on.

In Summary

Pets can enhance our life and may even assist us in living longer, more productive lives because they give us such joy, such happiness. However, be sure that you're willing to accept the responsibilities which accompany pet ownership - and that you're purchasing a pet for all the right rather than all of the wrong reasons.

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