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Weakened Condition Due to Health, Senior Week OR Senior Weak?

Time has a way of taking its toll on our bodies but there is a lot that we can do to ensure that we'll be as strong and as healthy as humanly possible as life goes by.

There are several important keys to this process.

Unhealthy Daily Diet vs Healthy Daily Diet

1. Embrace a healthy daily diet that contains at least the minimal recommended servings from the Food Pyramid.

Lose Weight to Better Your State of Health

2. While a few pounds over our recommended weight can assist in getting us through times of illness as we age, too much fluff and we are treading on faulty, risky ground.

Therefore, work towards managing a body weigh that you feel good at; if you have too much bacon on the hindquarters, then it is time to face the music and do some serious cutting back on the types and amounts of foods that are being added to your meal plates and to snacking times.

Daily Activity Has Many Healthy Rewards Including Enhance Stamina, Balance & Endurance

3. Exercise should become a part of our daily lives and it should be balanced with adequate relaxation. If you have a relaxing hobby - then all the better!

How Weakness Becomes Strengthened

Like a thread that you wrap around two fingers - it's so easy to break when there's just one or two threads to break through.

But as the amount of thread is spun around the fingers, it becomes impossible to break because all the tiny strings work together as one strong string.

And such should be the method in which our health works for us!

It can also follow the opposite direction in regards to weakness and inactivity.

While we are dormant and play Couch Potato one day, that's one thing.

But when we are dormant for weeks and months at a time, soon it will be challenging to make it to the refrigerator and back.

In Conclusion

The more that we-humans participate in a particular thing, it's a sign that we enjoy doing that particular thing. But when 'that particular thing' consists of sitting in front of a computer, on the sofa yakking on the phone, in front of the television or a game machine - the result is a body will weaker bones, less endurance, weaker muscles and generally one with accumulated fat.

Get out and start moving today for a healthier, stronger you. It may help prevent an accident OR illness that would end up shortening your life.

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