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It Hurts to Grow Older, Ben Gay is Granny's Best Bo

Aching shoulders, aching neck, aching back, aching tailbone - ah the joys of growing older.

When exercise and doctor visits aren't enough to get you back into the swing of things, some of the following may be of help:

- a warm, relaxing bath filled with bubbles, oatmeal or Epson salts

- a fluffy pillow to prop up on, a fuzzy blanket and a good book

- an exciting home movie coupled with a bowl of hot-air popcorn

And of course, when pain is too severe, you know what to do. It's time to call your doctor because you need a little help.

We Don't Know Until We Experience It

I remember long ago when I was still a teenager and my grandfather was gaining years. He was climbing up into his eighties and his drinking, smoking and cowboying ways finally caught up to him.

He had experienced everything from heart attack to cancer and was in pretty bad shape. So bad that he lived with us during that time of his life.

At the time, we had a closed in screen porch on the back of an old rented farmhouse where my parents lived. They had a small single bed out there for my grandfather so that he could still enjoy the outdoors with the screen in-between.

My father was a building contractor at the time when construction had fallen through the floor. We had lived off of canned green beans and potatoes from his garden for the entire winter.

And when my dad finally secured a job, the people wanted a covered patio built onto the back of their house. They had a wild mustang horse which they had tied to a fence post; the rope held the horse's head up all day and that really angered my father.

They claimed that the horse was mean and that they were trying to tame him, but my dad knew best because he had raised horses when he'd been a young boy.

So he struck a deal with the people; they would purchase the material for the patio and he would build it in exchange for the wild mustang. The people were thrilled, of course.

So Dolly the Horse came to live at the rented farmhouse where my grandfather was staying. He was an old cowboy who used to break horses. So when my cousin came to visit and decided to ride Dolly, my cousin looked like he was on a wild bronco.

That Dolly; she just wasn't used to being rode.

I remember my grandfather sitting up on the bed, looking through the screen and in his too-deep voice grumbling as he looked at my electrified cousin, "Oh God, if I was just able."

One thing was certain; after that wild ride my cousin needed to be introduced to Old Ben.

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