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Never Stop Learning for a Longer Life, Old Dinosaurs Never Quit Learning

Many studies involving individuals who are 100 years older or more suggest that a key to long life lies in learning.  

Learning stimulates vital areas of the brain, keeping us more alert and interested in the things that we love in life.

Whether it's reading a new book, discovering the great outdoors, studying the stars and sky or learning about fossils, odds are - by learning new things you'll not only be injecting fun into your life, but also a few more years so that you can enjoy the things that you love to do, longer.

Finding New Things to Discover

If there is something that you've always wanted to do in life but just never got around to it, then perhaps now might be a good time for new discoveries.

Maybe you've always wanted to paint or draw - or perhaps learn how to play a musical instrument or two.

What about learning a new language?

Even learning about new areas of the country or world will keep the brain in a more active state than molting.

Things that are related to math also give the brain a good workout.

Think about putting together a puzzle or doing a crossword. A whole book of them can generally be purchased at the dollar type stores and will keep you occupied for weeks if not months.

What about sharing your knowledge? Pass along a talent that you have to someone else. While it may not seem that what you can do is all that much - to someone else, it might mean the world.

My mom was an excellent cook, yet I cannot recall one time when she baked cookies with me - or anything else for that matter. When it was time to do the dishes, I was told to do those quite a few times, but I was never involved in the cooking process. I was never part of setting the table.

I would have been so happy if she would have taken time to teach me rather than having to learn myself after I left home. But the kitchen was her private domain, I suppose - and she just didn't like help in that area. While she may have felt like I was getting in the way, just a time or two would have certainly made some warm memories.

So if you cook - share your talent! If you can sew, share that too. Oh no, that's another thing that mom didn't teach me. Oh well, such is life - and hindsight is always twenty-twelve.

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