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Dealing With Arthritic Pain

When home remedies, diet and doctor visits aren't enough to get you back into the swing of things, some of the following may be of help to get your mind off the pain:

- a chat on the phone with an old friend

- spending time curled up with your pet

- a glossy recipe book or magazine

- a warm, cozy fire and a cup of warm tea

Home Remedies, No Drugs

It's important to keep in mind that the older that we get, the more risk we have when it comes to medications. While over the counter remedies are easy to obtain, they aren't without risk.

One of the more popular medications for pain concerns NSAIDs. Some of the most popular include: aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, and Piroxicam.

They are divided into the following classifications: Salicylates, Propionic Acid Derivatives, Acetic Acid Derivaties, Oxicam, Fenamates, Coxibs, and Sulphonanilides.

Common Side Effects of NSAID'S

The most common are related to the digestive system and the kidneys.

Statistics indicate that more than 100,000 individuals are hospitalized yearly based on a serious side effect related to NSAIDs. More than one-fifth of this number die each year from NSAID related health issues.

Some important things to keep in mind related to these drugs include:

- increase risk for stroke and heart issues

- gastrointestinal issues

- renal related issues

- dizziness, nausea, bowel disturbances

- drug interactions

In Summary

If you have signs of arthritis and are dealing with its painful side effects, before you grab an over the counter drug we encourage you to meet with your doctor to see which treatment is adequate for your personal situation.

Keep in mind that as we age our tolerance level towards drugs diminishes. They tend to have a greater impact on the body, much like they did when we were in our adolescence years.

They react in a more potent way inside the body. Therefore, we may require much less of some medications. We may also be allergic to others. This is why it's best to seek your doctor's advice before taking a medication to treat your arthritic condition.

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