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Should You Use Herbs?

Let's begin by saying that herbs are not regulated by the government and contribute to many thrills - as well as ills in our world.  

Although herbs can be extremely beneficial for some ailments, the improper use of herbs can do more harm than good.

Example: Valerian Root

Valerian root was once used by the military in World War I to relieve trauma in shell-shocked soldiers. It was also used to treat epilepsy at one time.

It is often used as a sedative in today's world without lasting harmful effects. However, in some individuals they exhibit the following side effects: dizziness, nausea, headache, insomnia, excitability, sluggishness and blurred vision.

It should not be taken while driving or while operating machinery - even that found in the American kitchen. Valerian root should also be avoided before having surgery. In addition, there are numerous medications which interact with Valerian root and which can present serious, life-threatening side effects.

It's long-term effects remain unknown.

While thousands of individuals have taken Valerian root without experiencing ill side-effects, for others - it comes with risks to health.

So are herbs good or are herbs harmful?  It's a mix - and one that an individual must thoroughly study before diving into the herbal mix of life.

Herbs for Weight Loss

The most beneficial form of herbs that we have found comes in the form of hot herbal teas. So many flavors - so many unique tastes.  

Some soothe, some relax, and some may even make a sick person feel almost as good as a cup of chicken soup.

We are quite fond of the Lipton green teas which are available in numerous flavors. All are packed with flavonoids which can boost your immunity among other healthy benefits.

They all contain zero calories and each can have a bit of your favorite creamer added to them to enhance flavors and to add a bit of sweetness. They make an excellent choice for those attempting to lose excess body fat. They are also a much healthier beverage choice over soda or other carbonated drinks, and those which are alcohol based.

As for weight loss drugs containing herbs - before use, please check with your doctor. There have been deaths associated with the use of herbs and herbal concoctions which were used for losing weight.

Keep in mind that there is no special potion which will shake off those excess pounds. If that were true, would it not be logical to assume that everyone would know about the secret by now? That everyone would be trim due to that special product?

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