Senior Health - The Game of Life

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Game of Life can be treacherous, tricky and downright scary.

On the other hand, the Game of Life can be fulfilling, rich and memorable.

Life is, what we make it.

The most delicate thing about the Game of Life is that we aren't the only players on the board. And we never know what move some of the other players are going to make from time-to-time.  

Sometimes, they just don't move at all.  

But whatever the game, try your best to go out on a high and positive note.

We Cannot Control How We Are Remembered

Unfortunately, what we do in life isn't generally depicted as we intended. Our history is Written by Sky Taylor, our kids, our family and our friends.

You may know someone who is elderly but who is setting things up so that they basically rule what happens in the future 'from the grave'. I sure know a few who fit this mold. They favor one child over the other; in one instance, the daughter who was at her mother's house every time she needed the most minimal of help was basically discarded by her mother in the end.

The mother favored the son who was an alcoholic.

The daughter was always busy, doing everything in her power to please her mother - but there just wasn't any way to do such.

In the end, she ended up with nothing except some distasteful memories when the situation finally dawned on her.

Although she had given her all, she wasn't as loved or appreciated as the son who didn't care for his mother - who at times had even called her horrible names in public.

The mother had a very poor back and over time, she became hunched over; the son often referred to her as 'camel back'; he wished she'd die so that he could have her money, sharing none with his sister - yet his mother had an undying love and affection for him.

In the end, the mother wanted to be remember as a dear, sweet, loving and giving person. She wanted respect; but because she favored one child over another, she ended up being resented rather than the icon she had wanted to be. Much like a bird who does a bad thing in its own nest.

Ya Can't Please Everyone So You've Got to Please Yourself

In our example above, while the mother did have love for her daughter, her love for her son was so evident and overwhelming that it created a bridge that could never be mended.

The daughter was left with troublesome thoughts that would follow her for the remainder of her life, the scars so deep and at times bringing her to tears. The situation became unbearable. If the mother had been aware of the damage that she had caused, perhaps the situation may have changed for the better. Perhaps not. At times, people cannot change and the people that they effect must change their personal situation.

Striving to please yourself lights the fire of inner peace which is good for the soul - as well as good for better health. It can also assist in dulling painful memories associated with one's past.

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