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 When Health Risks Outweigh Drug Risks

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Yes or No to Drugs?

As a naturalist I have always been leery of taking anything that I didn't feel good about, including over the counter drugs as well as many prescribed drugs.

There are so many potential risks seems to be involved with even the most mildest of drugs.

Take NSAIDs. You probably have one or more in your medicine chest. If you have a bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen, you have NSAIDs.

100,000+ Visit ER's in the United States Due to NSAID-Related Side Effects

Over 100,000 individuals find their way to hospital emergency rooms in the United States each and every year with about 17,000 dying due to side effects related to NSAIDs.

The most common side effects related to death are those which involve the digestive and renal system (kidneys).

We had a close elderly friend who was taking aspirin to prevent heart attack. One day she started hemorrhaging and required emergency treatment due to such.

Because she wasn't being closely monitored by a professional doctor, she got into trouble.

The Elderly Should Always Get Doctor's Approval Before Using OTC Medications

On that note, if you plan to take medications for an issue - please seek your doctor's professional opinion before doing such, even for those drugs which you consider to have a mild effect.

While taking an ibuprofen or aspirin to relieve an ache or pain might be helpful based on the moment, the older we grow - the more significant the risks associated with all drugs - whether prescribed or purchased over the counter.

Before doing such, consider your pain level. Is it something that you can cope with? Will it subside with time?

Weighing the Health Risks

There are times when health risks outweigh drug risks, and when they are necessary to cure our broken bodies.  

Of course your doctor holds the answers to your questions, and you should always discuss your concerns with him/her. Always ask, "Do my health risks outweigh the risks associated with this drug?"

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