Senior Health - Budgeting for Health
in Those Golden Years

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Planning for Retirement: What's more important? Money or health?

Throughout our life, we work hard and try to put a little bit of money away for that rainy day - for that retirement day.  

In the meantime, we live accordingly, enjoying our lives as best we can - looking forward to retirement.

But for most individuals who reach retirement age, they aren't in nearly as good shape physically as they would like OR as they need to be.

All those things that they had planned on pursuing are suddenly no longer an option due to existing health issues.

When they were in their forties, they could run like a deer. When they hit the half-century mark, they could walk a good walk - and still talk a good talk.

But when the sixties stride by, many seniors suddenly find that they require a motorized cart when shopping at the supermarket. Or, a wheelchair.

Health Conditions Which Weaken the Legs

Inactivity alone generally isn't enough to necessitate the use of motorized personalized vehicles or a wheelchair. However, the following situations often trigger the need of such:

Gaining so much weight that the amount classified the individual in the morbidly obese category.

Fact is, one pound is a significant amount of weight, as is fifty.

But when we're talking 150 to 200 or more excess pounds on the body, the individual often becomes too weak to support that amount of weight.

The legs as well as the back and other areas of the body become weakened. Therefore, the need for assistance in getting about.

Accidents. One never plans for such which is why they are called accidents.

Certain illnesses and diseases can take away the use of the legs, making them too weak to properly function.

In Summary

Just as we put away money day by day into a retirement fund, the same should hold truth for our health - and not in a monetary type of way but rather through a healthy lifestyle.

Day after day, when we do our best to eat healthy and enjoy activities, we are putting a portion of good health into our future.



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