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Aches & Pains Associated With Ageing

Debbie had reached the ripe old age of seventy-two but was experiencing many of the aches and pains associated with ageing.

A visit to her doctor revealed that Debbie was showing signs of bone disease and with special medication and exercise, he believed that her condition would improve greatly.

Why Exercise is Often Prescribed for Bone Related Health Issues

Activity strengthens the body frame and by doing such, our bones tend to become larger. This is the payoff where getting up and moving about comes into play.

In addition, when we are more active the body receives these premier health benefits:

Better balance is achieved. Accidents due to falls and spills where seniors are concerned is one of the top risks for broken bones, brain injuries and other maladies which can result in premature death. Just because we're living in an older body doesn't mean that it's our time because of such.

By obtaining a healthier level of balance, accidents will be less likely.

Our senses improve. Whether we drive or are crossing the street, we're going to be better prepared if we are in an active state in comparison to a couch potato state. Being active hones our reflexes.

Endurance levels improve with exercise.

Constipation becomes less of an issue as does digestive related issues.

When we're on the go, we simply feel more alive - more vibrant and useful.

About Using Drugs for Improving Health

Like Debbie, when we just aren't feeling ourselves, a trip to the doctor can open up wonderful new avenues of health for us.

Although we believe that drugs should only be used when totally necessary, there are times when they work magic and can completely change a life for the better. However, in the case of our body's skeletal system, ask your doctor about increasing activity rather than opting for medications which may end up doing more harm than good.

Most are accompanied with troublesome side effects, including increased risk of death.



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