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Song in the Heart, Music Soothes the Savage Old Beast

Music brings out the best in the young and in the old. It can also set the mood for any event in life - putting individuals into a party mood, or a romantic mood.

Listening to your favorites forms of music can add quality to your life.

There's music for exercise, music for dancing, music for dining and music for relaxing.

There's music for inspiration, music that touches the soul, music that makes us laugh, and music that energizes.

Whatever your mood, whatever your musical preference, take time to play the tunes of your life.

Thoughts to Inspire

The older that we get, the easier it is to get depressed. We've seen so much - and unfortunately, the human brain tends to remember more of the negative and painful issues that we have experienced rather than those wonderful things.

Most of us have experienced more good moments than bad - but those bad ones sure are difficult to repress.

If this sounds familiar - the next time that you start feeling blue from remembering something that wasn't so great that you've went through or experienced in life, pause and wipe the slate clean.

Try to replace that ugly memory with a wonderful one. The memories might be related to family members - or a favorite pet or something that you did such as a wonderful vacation or trip.

Keeping positive thoughts rather than negative ones in our head just makes us feel more positive.

Words to Inspire

As we're heading down the last leg of our journey here on earth, those who interact with us and who are most precious to our hearts may rely on us for encouragement, for inspiration, for support.

In fact, often the words from an older individual - such as grandma or grandpa means the worlds to their offspring. People want to be loved. They want to be liked. They want to be praised - for the people that they love to be proud of them.

Our time is ending; we've had our flight. At this point, we can set back and give wings to those that we love so that they too will fly high.



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