Seniors, Experience Equals Wisdom

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Experience Equals Wisdom, Only Grandpa Knows for Sure

How did seniors get to be so smart? Experience!  

And how did seniors get so experienced?  

Well....mostly by making a ton of mistakes...

Once our son asked his dad for his opinion, "Dad, what do you think that I should do?"  

My husband told him, "Seeing as how I haven't made a huge mark on the world, you'll do better listening to your own heart and using your brain."

I thought a lot about that and realized the wisdom in those words.

So many times, we are swift to advise but unless we've went through a similar experience, it's hard to offer valid advice.

And for all the advice-giving that we give, very little is ever used - even when it's sage advice. In addition, when it is used we run the risk of it backfiring on us. It's never a good thing - being accused of giving bad advice. For free at that.

At Times, Support is More Important Than Advice or Words of Wisdom

One of the smartest things that we can do as seniors is to be there for our friends and family to offer support - and yes, at times guidance, but we should do such very wisely.

How do we know when to offer guidance?  

Well, the Voice of Experience seems to always light the way for us.

When it comes to health and body weight, I've sure walked the walk and talked the talk.

That's why I know so much about how the overweight individual feels - and what truly works towards a healthy body and losing the unhealthy fat.

It's that Voice of Experience lighting the 'weigh'.....

In another person's view, they may have a friend who is asking them what to do about a certain construction problem. For the knowledgeable person - this is an excellent time to share one's wisdom and help a friend or family member in need. The odds are more positive that negative. Unless the person seeking advice does something really wild, adding to the sage advice he was given. And yes. It happens. A lot.

About Wisdom

No matter what age we are, just how wise are we? Even the smartest men and women that ever lived, their abilities and wisdom were only able to accomplish a minute amount.

In addition, there are different types of wisdom. One individual may be a genius in music, but they have difficulty expressing their emotions to other people. They play out their emotions through their music.

Another person may be an outstanding chef, but when it comes to balancing a banking account they may fail miserably. Therefore, everyone - yes, even you, is a genius and has wisdom about certain things.



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