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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Avoiding Accidents With Ageing

Careful, careful, careful - it's the story of our life as we grow older it seems. Even the fittest of the pack must take greater care throughout their busy day.

A few years ago, I had a horrible accident at home. I was assisting with abused animals and there was a panel that stretched over a door opening that was about three feet in height.

I'm barely five foot tall and as I'm ageing, my height is also shrinking to a degree - so the panel was a challenging hurdle.

When I went to step over the panel, I got off-balance and fell straight backwards, hitting one side of my body in the hip area. Both of my hands went back to brace my fall and I jammed both of my wrists.

My Toe Bone's Connected to My Broken Hip Bone - Be Hip, Don't Slip

How I managed to avoid breaking anything, I'll never know. What I remember the most is being thankful that none of the little animals were scurrying about when I fell back. I still have nightmares about the 'what ifs' and I'm so thankful that I was the only thing injured.

I limped around for a few days, cried quite a lot due to the wrist aches, but I finally healed after three or so months.

The experience sure taught me to be more careful and to hold onto something when I'm climbing over a hurdle.

Exercise Adds Bone Strength & Density

The great news about our bones is that exercise can strengthen the body's skeleton frame, as well as improve balance and it's one of your greatest warriors against accidents.

Exercise can even help you get well sooner should an accident occur.

We can always plan to exercise, but as the old saying goes - no one plans for an accident.

But even when we are true to activity, accidents still happen.

Tips for Reducing Accidents

No one ever plans to have an accident, but indeed they do happen - and most of the time when they occur, they do such very quickly.

Balance Issues

One issue associated with falls is a decline in balance. The great news is that it can be improved through exercise and other activities. Consider taking Yoga or a dance class. It doesn't matter if you can't move as swiftly as you did in your younger years. The teachers are pros and they'll set a pace that safe for you if you let them know your current capabilities and endurance level.

Foggy Thoughts

As we age, the brain doesn't think as quickly or as clearly as if may have in our younger years. Each of us are impacted differently - some more severely than others. Accidents often are the result of not thinking clearly before we do a specific task. Take time and try to be more attentive when you're busy in the kitchen, driving on the road or doing active tasks.

Accidents Waiting to Happen

Ensure your home is as accident-proof as possible. An example. Do you have a mat in front of your shower or tub so that you don't get out and connect with a bare floor? This is a slip - a fall just waiting to happen.

These are just simple things we can do to slash our risk for accidents.



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