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Senior Health Articles for Enhanced Health & Well Being

Welcome to the senior fitness section of Diet Bites which contains healthy pills of knowledge to increase life span, the quality of life and to enrich life during those Golden Years.

It's never too late to improve our level of health!  And it may be a lot easier than one thinks, particularly for seniors.

Growing older introduces many wonderful avenues into our lives. What's so special about this is that at this point in our lives, we have so much knowledge and we can use that knowledge to make the best of our Golden Opportunities!

As time goes by, things change and WE change. We gain new interests in life, we enjoy doing different things, we tend to set our own definition for holidays and create new family traditions, and we even grow to like different foods that we didn't like in our younger years.

This senior fitness section of Diet Bites contains information on how we can improve our level of senior health, and things that we can do to increase our life span.

Embrace life, embrace love, embrace health!  Our life's journey is a celebration of our experience here on earth. Many times along our journey, we are handed paper rather than silk and we must make the best of what we are given. But you know, I've seen a lot of beautiful paper meche objects in my life and many times, I prefer those to silk.

Senior Health, Senior Fitness, Senior Diet Articles - Increasing Life Span & Quality of Life

Things You Can Do To Increase Life Span - Simple and doable tips that can assist in creating a longer life with an enhanced quality of life. If you're searching for little things that can change your life - this is the list that can assist.

Calorie Needs Based on Age, Weight, Height & Activity Level - How many calories do you require per day? We have the answers that you seek.

How to Embrace a Healthy Diet - At times it's difficult to get on a path leading to better health. We have some great tips to help get your started. And starting is the hard part; from here it can be smooth sailing.

How a Life Went Up in Smoke - Smoking comes with significant health risks - but not only to the smoker.

Take 2 Aspirins & Don't Call Me in The Morning - We've suddenly become self-healers in life, but is this practice truly beneficial to our good health?

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away  - There are so many different varieties of apples. One medium apple contains about 100 calories - and may indeed just as your mother preached: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Druggie Gets a Noogie - Drugs at any age present great health risks, including death. But for older individuals, the risks are alarming.

Wired Granny - The Caffeine Fix - If you're feeling more hot-wired than normal these days, could that fond old coffee maker be the culprit? More specifically, what's being put inside the coffee pot - outside of water, of course....

Exercise Your Health Rights - Excellent activity tips and a delicious step-by-step recipe for a healthy gourmet sandwich.

Positively, Genuinely, Yes-a-tootie - A positive attitude goes a long way towards making life more pleasant. And a pleasant individual is one that is generally well-respected.

Old Watchmaker, Happy Granny Baker - Having a hobby that we absolutely adore can not only add joy to our lives, it may also add years.

Annihilating Stress  - Oh that nasty old stress. It can play havoc on a body, including our good health.

Music Soothes the Savage Old Beast OR Music to My Hearing Aid - Music is one of life's little joys.

Only Grandpa Knows For Sure - Some savvy tips to help get us through life.

Lovers Live Longer  - A hug a day may actually be better than an apple in keeping the doctor away.

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