Senior Health: How to Embrace a Healthy Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Striving to increase the quality of life and longevity.....

It's hard retraining old chefs and chief bottle washers. As time passes, nature compels us to become set in our ways.

We feel comfortable around those familiar things, even those familiar foods that we've grown to love over the years - many of which have the potential to damage our health as we age and can prevent us from living our life to the fullest.

Many times as we age, our health requires a bit of attention to diet.

Indeed - we are what we eat.  

A shift in our daily diet can be a powerful thing and may even cure some ills or potentially decrease certain types of health risks including those most common health issues associated with ageing such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

So how can we add a healthier note to our diet without going into Food Craving Overload?

We've got several suggestions - some of which might work best for you.

Fresh, Natural Choices for Weight Loss, Improved Health

Substitute desserts for fresh fruits. Mother Nature is one sweet cookie!

Speaking of cookies, rather than keeping those 80 to 150 calorie per cookie packages in your kitchen pantry, think small. Ginger snaps, vanilla wafer and other small cookies can satisfy an aching sweet tooth for far less calories and fat grams. Look for those that contain 20 to 50 calories per cookie. Limit yourself to 100 calories per serving. It's so easy to go overboard when it comes to cookies. It goes without saying that there just isn't quite anything like a cookie.

Fill tiny containers with 'penny' candy. This makes a nice treat without doing mega diet damage when those sweet-attacks hit. Those little disc type candies generally contain about 20 calories each. They take a long while to melt in the mouth. Savor the moment; never eat or drink anything unless you can concentrate on the foods you're putting into your body. If you're too involved in another project, then you'll want to eat or drink something later that you can savor.

Healthier Oils & Cooking Methods in the Daily Diet for a Healthier Body

Switch to extra virgin cold press olive oil which is a bit kinder to our circulatory system than other oils. Olive oil is one of the heart healthy cooking oils.

Opt for fish or chicken over red meat and you may prevent clogging of your arteries. Be sure to remove any fat that you can see, including the skin and gristle. The skin and fat are mined with calories and dietary fat - and can take that three ounce serving of chicken up about 150 or more calories per serving. And who wants that?

HOWEVER, if you must cook your meats with the skin and fat left in place for a moister recipe, then be sure to remove the cooked visible fat as well as the skin before serving. This will slice the calories somewhat but they won't be as low as if the fat and skin had been removed before the meat was cooked.

If dragging out the grill is too much of a bother, switch to a smaller grill such as a table hibachi.

Another plus? You can toast a few campfire marshmallows. Sure, they are made chiefly of sugar - but the calories in one large marshmallow equal a skinny 25 each. That's quite a treat for a minimal amount of calories - and they take a while to toast and eat, particularly for those marshmallow fanatics who toast theirs layer by layer. Guilty!

Hydrate Wisely, Opting for Water Over Sugary Soda & Other High Calorie Beverages

Invigorate your diet with H2O. For someone who is on a 2,000 calorie daily diet this equates to about eight cups of water per day - and this includes the water contained in the foods that we eat. And yes, most foods contain water. One head of iceberg lettuce contains about 18 ounces or more two cups of water. One large cucumber contains more than one cup of water - 10 ounces. So does a fresh papaya and a serving of watermelon (1 wedge).

Often, we think of obtaining our daily fluid intake via soda, tea, coffee and water when in fact, moisture is contained in everything we eat. Even dry melba toast contains over a gram of moisture.

Add More Activity to Your Day for Rewarding Health Benefits

Couple your healthier meal planning with a daily walk. It doesn't even have to be a fast-paced walk. The most important thing is to simply be more active. The more you move, you'll be keeping your joints and muscles in good working order. If we sit for too long, the body tends to lock-up. And once this occurs, it's difficult to find a key to unlock the damage.

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