Trimming Down the Fat Granny

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Grannies are commonly perceived as having a little fluff. After all, there's nothing like hugging a soft, warm pillow.

But when that pillow becomes 'more fluff' than desired and the mirror reveals a 'fat granny', we've got some tips that can take 'Fat Granny' down a few pounds with very little effort.

Those Fat Granny Pounds May Not Be Your Fault

Before we get to the tips, it's important to acknowledge that growing older naturally invites unwanted pounds.

Although an individual may be living much the same lifestyle in their granny years as they did in their spring-chicken years, pounds may slowly creep onto the body.

Although a slow-down in activity level is commonly blamed for those extra pounds, there is a bit more to the cause of slow weight gain.

If Granny Gail remains as equally active in her granny years as she did in her spring-chicken years, and also enjoys the same daily diet, she too may discover that pounds are slowly creeping on.

Causes of Slow Weight Gain in Seniors

- For one, our bodies often instinctively pack on pounds during our senior years. A bit of padding goes a long way should a sudden illness settle in. Mother Nature always knows best.

- In addition, as the body ages so does the metabolism. Although we may feel and look great, the metabolism doesn't have the benefit of wrinkle creams, metabolism-tucks & lifts and so forth.

It's an ageing metabolism and the ageing metabolism naturally slows down.

This isn't to say that the Senior Metabolism evolves into a snail. It is to say that the metabolism slows with age whether we like it, or not. To what degree depends upon a number of things - from the gene pool to diet to activity levels.

And now for those tips to help the Fat Granny eliminate the extra fluff:

To satisfy the ageing metabolism, try enjoying six small meals per day rather than the basic three.

At least two times per day, enjoy a comforting cup of tea. Green tea contains a blast of good health and is available in many varieties at the market. Taking time out to relax is important to good health.

Opt for white meats over red.

Limit foods that are high in fat and sugar such as simple carbohydrates.

Examples: cake, pies, donuts and chips. Beware of soda as it's packed with sugar calories, often referred to as those 'empty calories' because they provide zero nutrition. Grab fresh fruit instead.

If you're unable to run to the store at the blink of a hat, fresh fruit may not always be an option. A great substitute is frozen fruits which can either be defrosted on the counter or in the microwave in a matter of seconds or minutes - depending upon which thawing method is used.

Bananas may also be frozen in their natural skins and are delicious. Freeze when bananas are at their sweetest, but before they become over-ripe. To eat, simply remove the peel and slice into small bites.

Fiber-rich foods in the daily diet such as lentils, beans, whole grain breads, fruits and vegetables will help keep the gut moving. The inability to move the gut contributes to the illusion of 'Fat Granny'. Constipation can add the false appearance of several pounds to the belly.

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