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Index - The Free Wickedly Good Diet Plan

Written by Diet Bites

Free Wickedly Good Diet Plan Designed by Diet Bites

Our free Wickedly Good Diet Plan can assist you in creating a personalized weight loss plan that is very effective in the battle against weight gain. So many times you may have attempted to lose weight but somewhere along the way, things went off track - then downhill, only to land with a loud thud in the middle of the heap containing your other failed, dead diet plans.

What you need is a burst of fuel to stoke your Diet Motivation as well as answers to why you might react towards eating and exercise amid certain conditions and situations.

For example, our Dieter George is a very happy guy. Everyone loves his big smile. He wants to lose 50 pounds as in pronto. So he goes on a weight loss plan. After one week he loses only one pound. George is suddenly not such a happy guy.

He is cranky at home, cranky at work - and everyone is wondering what happened to the George they know and love. Once George realizes that he's being cranky because his vast efforts in losing those unhealthy pounds aren't working, he takes a deep breath and recollects his thoughts. He doesn't want to be cranky - particularly over dieting.

But he doesn't want to get off his weight loss plan either. He doesn't want to be a happy and fat George, just a happy George.

After collecting his happier self he struggles through the second week of his healthy diet plan. Hey, this is much easier than the first week, he thinks. And he's starting to like this whole grain stuff. He's also feeling better, less bloated - and he has more energy over the last week.

When he goes to do his weigh-in, he is delighted to see a five pound drop in his weight. That's like unstrapping a five pound bag of potatoes from his abdomen. Happy George, happy life.

Let's look at Dieter Ellen. She has done very well with here weight loss plan and she is currently dining out with the girls. Ellen has always loved desserts. Particularly cheesecake. But when it's time to order dessert, her friends go for the cheesecake and Ellen goes for the fresh strawberries topped with light whipped cream. By reviewing Diet Bites Wickedly Good Diet Plan she has learned how to make better choices in the most trying times of her weight loss plan.

We also have Dieter Kenneth. He is feeling so tired and run down lately and he wonders if it is due to his new weight loss plan. His doctor has assured that it is packed with all of the essential vitamins and minerals that Kenneth requires for optimum health.

After reading over our diet note, Kenneth realizes that he has been exercising way too much. In fact, he suddenly remembers his own doctor telling him not to be excessive until he built his endurance amid his activity plan - that it might take a good month to accomplish such.

He pulls back on his activity level and just performs the activity that his doctor had instructed. By the third day, he's feeling as energetic as ever - and his weight loss and fitness plan is on track.

On that note, study the articles below. We'll ask a lot of personal questions related to your current diet, as well as how you feel about elements which involve the weight loss process. Your responses can assist you in getting in better touch with your diet senses and in achieving weight loss success, just like Kenneth, Ellen and George did.

Diet Bites free Wickedly Good Diet Plan

The 10 Phases of Weight Loss & Dieting

Weight Loss & Dieting Questionnaires

Weight Loss - Phase 1 - Diet Motivation

Weight Loss - Phase II - Your Diet Formula

Weight Loss - Phase III - Your Diet Menu

Weight Loss - Phase IV - Activity Musts

Weight Loss - Phase V - Mind & Body

Weight Loss - Phase VI - Spirituality

Weight Loss - Phase VII - Monitoring Weight Loss Progress

Weight Loss - Phase VIII - Potential Blockades

Weight Loss - Phase IX - Weight Loss Maintenance

Weight Loss - Phase X - Celebrating Success!

Diet Questionnaire

Diet Motivation, Fears, Hopes

Identifying & Calculating Your Weight Loss Formula 

Identifying Favorite Foods, Creating Perfect Diet Menus & Snacks

Identifying Perfect Exercises & Activities

Identifying With Your Diet Mind

Identifying Diet Spirit

Monitoring Weight Loss Progress

Identifying Diet Hot Spots Questionnaire

Identifying Weight Loss Maintenance Issues

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