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Diet Article: How to Lose Weight
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Where you eat at meal time can impact your weight in a big way.

On that note, where you tend to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner?

a. While working at my desk or job.
b. In a relaxed atmosphere with friends.
c. Alone in a relaxed atmosphere.
d. In front of the television.

Weight Loss Tip

If you currently do not have a specified area for dining you may be missing out on actually tasting and enjoying the textures and flavors of your food. By missing this, you may not feel fully satisfied which can trigger snacking which in turn can trigger unhealthy weight gain.

What about the types of meals that you enjoy for your big three? How are those taken or prepared?

Choose the answer that best fits your personal situation - and you can have more than one response.

a. Home cooked.
b. Fast Food
c. A mix of fast food and home cooked.
d. Consists only of healthy foods.

Weight Loss Tip

Home cooking is generally the best option for dieters because it allow the most freedom in choices of both the foods that you want to eat as well as the ingredients you want to add. And of course, you also have the advantage of assuring that the food you use is of the freshest quality.

On those occasions when you dine out, be very aware of what you're choosing to put into your tummy because once it's there it can either latch onto your hips and thighs or shrink them - or keep them the same size. While carbohydrates are overrated where weight loss is concerned, it's the caloric values of the foods and drinks we eat which define what we weigh.

If your daily diet consists solely of healthy foods, you are less likely to become ill or get a disease. You are more likely to live a longer, fuller life than if you embraced a poor daily diet.

7. Which of the following modes of dieting is closest to your own?

a. Based on the Official Food Pyramid
b. Vegetarian
c. Raw or Natural Food Diet

Weight Loss Tip

All of the above are such healthy options. The raw or natural food diet contributes to a smooth working digestive system and the dieter is less likely to experience those uncomfortable 'clogs' - both in the intestinal track as well as in the arteries.

Individuals who eat a lot of raw and natural foods tend to have better dental health, stronger bones, more muscle mass and higher endurance levels. They also tend to age much less that their peers who dine on fried meats and vegetables and sugary desserts.

How Daily Diet Impacts State of Health

The foods that you eat and drink as well as the times of day that you do such can impact your health significantly. For example, if you experience tummy acidity after eating, stop and remember the foods that you ate previously in the day. Generally, you can avoid heartburn and the discomfort associated with such by taking time to pinpoint certain foods that are commonly associated with your personal bouts of indigestion.

Do you have heartburn when eating late at night? The solution is easy; don't eat after dinner.

Do you experience bloating, belching, or tummy discomfort after drinking milk or eating ice cream? If so, you may have lactose intolerance. Meet with your doctor to discuss your best treatment options.

Do you experience a rash after eating some foods or frequent headaches? Some individuals are allergic to foods such as strawberries, nuts, eggs and shellfish. These reactions can be mild to serious.

In Summary

Pinpointing the foods that are causing your symptoms can put your diet and good health back on target.

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