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Weight Loss Tips: Dairy Group, Grain Group

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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This is a continuation of our weight loss tips from this page that you can insert into your diet plan to assist in accelerating the rate of pounds lost, and accomplish such in a healthy manner.

Let's move onto the next excellent tip which involves the Dairy Group.

9. Where the good old Dairy Group is concerned, have we got some good moos for you, little dieter.

Drinking one ounce per hour - three eight-ounce servings throughout your day, can assist in getting rid of those pounds quicker based on several health studies involving milk.

Opt for the reduced fat varieties and you'll save calories and dietary fat grams. Aim for zero fat, fat free or skim varieties or use 1% milk if you don't like the zero fat flavors. You'll be reducing calories but not the calcium content or other vital nutrients contained in your serving of milk.

You can slowly graduate from full-blown whole milk to the decreased fat versions over time which will assist your taste buds in adjusting to the decreased fat content slowly rather than at full blast. As in one of our earlier tips, be sure that the cup or glass container that you use for your milk equals a one cup serving. It's too easy to jump overboard with these modern Godzilla-sized drinking containers.

Speaking of which, when soda debuted in the last century it was sold in four ounce bottles. It then grew to six and eight ounce bottles. And now, it's not unusual for consumers to consume a huge two liter bottle of carbonated sugar liquid. As the serving sizes grew over time, so did the consumers. Unfortunate, but true.

10. Along this line, while you're shrinking your beverage containers down to size, do the same with your meal plate as well as the eating utensils that you use.

A smaller plate makes your eyes believe that you are eating more than what's actually there. You're apt to become more satisfied with the amount of food than you are if you'd used a big plate. That big plate can lend the false illusion that you're not eating enough food - that you're getting cheated on your diet.

11. Let's get back to the topic of milk as we'd like to make an important health note in regards to the difference in the American Diet and the Mediterranean Diet where this food is concerned.

The Greeks make use of milk to lighten their coffee and other drinks but it's not served at meal time as prescribed by the American Diet - via tradition. I remember when I was a kid and my mom basically forced me and my younger brother to drink our milk. We gagged as we forced it down while she nibbled on her kitchen towel.

The Greeks are one of the most long-lived societies throughout the history of the world. They experience a vast decrease of heart disease in comparison to Americans. Perhaps they are on to something - but who knows if milk is responsible? While their daily diet is lacking in calcium in comparison to the American Diet, they do incorporate yogurt and cheese into their daily diets. And of course, we have all those studies relating to milk - touting that it can assist with weight loss. So many health studies - so little time.

12. Reduced Fat Dairy Products Reduce Calories

If you choose fat-free milk, low fat milk and yogurt over cheese - all of which are housed within the Dairy Group, you can boost your potassium and Vitamin D intake while cutting sodium mg.

Dairy Food Kitchen Tips

- Top off your cold and hot whole grain cereals with low fat milk for a Vitamin D, potassium boost.

- Rather than adding sour cream, butter or margarine to your potatoes and other healthy vegetables, add a serving of low fat yogurt. It also goes swell with fresh fruit.

- Rather than sour cream for dips, try healthier low fat yogurt.

- Rather than using cream, try using fat free evaporated milk in your recipe to save fat and calories.

- Reduced fat ricotta cheese makes an excellent substitute for cream cheese.

- You can add calcium benefits to your morning cup of coffee by adding fat free or low fat milk to create lattes and cappuccinos.

- If you're lactose intolerant, opt for the lactose free varieties of milk. You can also try drinking smaller portions of milk to see how your digestive system reacts. Or try the soymilk but ensure that it contains at minimum 300 mg of calcium per serving. And keep in mind that many leafy greens contain calcium benefits.

13. Label Reading for Weight Loss

Be sure to be a good little nutrition label reader and check your dairy products for fat content, as well as how the fat is distributed. Be keen on keeping saturated and Trans fats from your daily diet.

As a note, cream cheese, butter and cream are unfortunately not considered part of the Dairy Group because they are very high in saturated fat and they contain little or no calcium benefits.

Examples of Dairy Group Food Servings: 1 cup of reduced fat milk, eight ounces of reduced fat yogurt, one and one-half ounces of natural cheese (skip the unhealthy 'cheese food'; the label needs to have the real seal of approval), or two ounces of processed cheese.

To continue with these Weight Loss Tips for the Daily Diet, let's travel to this page at Diet Bites.

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