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Section 1 - Outcome of Dieting
Regaining Lost Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: How to handle weight gain after it was originally lost.

Do you have fear of losing all those extra, unhealthy pounds only to regain them. If so, those fears are backed by some troubling facts. Close to 100% of individuals who lose to their recommended weight will regain that lost weight within a five year period along with additional pounds.

The odds are against us to begin with but yes, they can be overcome. Many individuals have done exactly that, but they will tell you that once you're overweight, you'll be fighting weight gain until the day that you draw your last breath.

Eating is essential to life. An eating addition is a battle for life as the individual is presented with food and drink that is essential to life each and every day - and must find methods and use strategy in order resist regaining that lost weight.

If you find yourself in an endless circle of weight loss, weight gain - and you can't seem to end the cycle, then you may require some professional assistance to manage your eating addiction. The key word here is 'manage'. There is no cure at this point in time.

In addition, if you are worried or concerned that you will regain any lost weight, this uncovers weak areas within your weight maintenance plan.

Before we delve deeper, let's touch base with the three basic weight plans:

1. Weight Loss or Diet Plan
2. Weight Loss Back-Up Plan
3. Weight Maintenance Plan

The weight loss or diet plan will only last until you have lost the unwanted pounds. The back-up plan should be in place in the event that your diet isn't working to produce the desired results. The back-up plan can be a combination of factors which serve to strengthen your diet, or it may be an entirely new weight loss plan.

For example, Dieter Molly's weight loss plan isn't working to produce weight loss results after one month of dedication to the plan. She turns to her back-up plan rather than ditching her aspirations for losing weight.

Her back-up plan mandates that she keep her current diet plan in force and add the following to strengthen the plan:

a. Rather than the suggested snacks, eat one small fruit selection for snack time.
b. Forego the dinner menu and instead opt for a serving of whole grain cereal.
c. Bump the time for activity up fifteen minutes per day.

At the end of the following month, Molly is seeing some impressive results with her weight. She has lost fifteen pounds of the total thirty pounds that she had aimed to lose so that she would be at her ideal weight. If she keeps up this routine and stays focused on her plan, she will reach her goals in another month.

Now let's look at Dieter Kevin's back-up plan.

He began with a high protein diet that was making him feel weak and causing him to rush to the restroom more often than not. His back-up plan was to see his doctor if the diet didn't work to reduce his weight.

At the doctor's visit he was informed that he had diabetes and that the high protein diet was placing his health in serious jeopardy. His doctor arranged for Kevin to meet with the nutritionist and together they worked to formulate a successful plan for Kevin. He went on to lose all the unwanted weight and his diabetes is under control.

After your diet, you should pay careful attention to the Weight Loss Maintenance phaseso that the weight will stay off - forever.

The problem that many post dieters run into is that they don't realize that in order to maintain their recommended weight- they will have to be on a diet per say going forward.

If they allow their guard to slip and they fall back onto their former unhealthy eating habits, the weight will return like nobody's business. Keep reading about this topic using here at Diet Bites.

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